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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss orientation?

Orientation is an important and mandatory part of your preparation to attend FIU. Missing even one day could result in you missing important information about your classes and may result in a delay in your registration.

If you have an urgent situation that requires you to miss orientation, please contact Lukas Calafell at

When do I get my class schedule?

After orientation when your registration holds are removed and all of your placement results have been recorded by the Academic Team, our Academic Director, Lorna Baez will enroll you in classes.

How do I see my class schedule?

Your class schedule will be visible on your MyFIU account.

I'm having trouble setting up my MyFIU account. What do I do?

Make sure that you carefully follow the steps on the MyFIU Account Setup Page. If you’ve followed all of the steps there and are still having trouble, most likely what you are experiencing is something that only FIU IT can fix. Please go to On this page, you will need to scroll down and view the tab that says “Chat”. In this tab, you can fill out information about the issue you are having. When you hit “Submit” you’ll be immediately connected to an IT person from 8 AM to 8 PM EST, Monday through Friday that can help assist you. If you have an issue outside of these hours, please wait until the office is open again to submit your request. You may also call IT at +1 (305) 348-2284.

I've followed all of the steps above, but I'm running into issues or it's not working. What do I do now?

If you’ve followed all of the steps above, most likely what you are experiencing is something that only FIU IT can fix. Please go to On this page, you will need to scroll down and view the tab that says “Chat”. In this tab, you can fill out information about the issue you are having. When you hit “Submit” you’ll be immediately connected to an IT person from 8 AM to 8 PM EST, Monday through Friday that can help assist you. If you have an issue outside of these hours, please wait until the office is open again to submit your request. You may also call IT at +1 (305) 348-2284.

What is the ALEKS?

ALEKS is a web-based artificially intelligent system designed to determine exactly what a student knows. This information is used to place a student in a class for which they have sufficient background knowledge.

To take the ALEKS please follow this link:

If I took the SAT and I sent my scores to FIU, do I still have to take the ALEKS?

FIU uses the Math Placement Score (MPS) to place incoming freshman students in introductory math courses. MPS is calculated based on the student’s SAT/ACT score(s), high school GPA and high school math classes; it appears in the student’s MyFIU account.

If you have sent an SAT score to FIU and you have an MPS score on your FIU account then you do not need to take the ALEKS. Please contact a G1Y staff member to verify this.

When should I take the ALEKS?

All students who intend to study in majors in Business, Economics, Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics should take the assessment prior to Virtual Orientation. You will need to set-up your FIU Account and FIU E-mail prior to taking the assessment.

If you experience any technical difficulties then you can take the ALEKS assessment during orientation once you have attended the Tech Sessions.

How do I access the ALEKS?

All G1Y students who intend to study in majors in Business, Economics, Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics MUST access the ALEKS at

What does my ALEKS score mean? What class am I eligible for?

ALEKS placement assessment evaluates your knowledge and indicates the class level.

Consult the second page of the ALEKS Placement Table for the classes you will be registered for depending on the score and your intended major.

What is the PERT?

The PERT assessment covers your English reading and writing skills.

If you are required to take the PERT, you will receive an email from the Academic Director – Lorna Baez.

After you have successfully set up your FIU account, you will need to register for the PERT test in the FIU Testing Center’s online system.

Please click here for instructions on how to register for the PERT assessment.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email from the University Testing Center to your FIU email address with further testing instructions.

How do I know if I need to take the PERT?

If you need to take the PERT, you will receive an email from the Academic Director – Lorna Baez during orientation. If you do not receive an email from her, then you are not required to take the PERT assessment.

Can I request changes to my schedule?

Class registration is final. Class schedule will be based on your Major and assessments if these are required. If you are requesting an exception and change to your schedule you will need to write an email from your FIU email account to the Academic Director at

When is the last day to request changes to my schedule?

The last date to Add/Drop classes will always be the second Monday after the start of the term.

When will I see my courses in Canvas?

Courses will populate in Canvas the first day of class. You will see the courses in Canvas on Monday. If you are having any issues with Canvas please contact the Canvas Support Team:

Effective November 8, 2021:

Non-U.S. citizen, Non-U.S. immigrants: Air Travel to the United States

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Please carefully read the information below that explains the U.S. travel requirements for international students during COVID-19.

For information about the U.S. travel requirements for international students and their families visit the CDC (Center For Disease Control) travel website. Once on the website, click on “Non-U.S. Citizen, Non-Immigrants: Air Travel to the U.S.”

Pre-Arrival Webinars

Pre-Arrival Webinars are a chance for you to meet with the FIU campus team and learn about how to prepare for your arrival and what to expect when you arrive on campus.

July 11, 2023
August 1, 2023

Pre-Arrival Emails

All students start receiving pre-arrival emails when they are accepted to FIU G1Y. These emails contain important information about orientation and preparing for arrival to campus.

Pay close attention to these emails as you will be responsible for reading and understanding the information that they contain.

Virtual Academic Orientation

Virtual Orientation will be held on August 2, 3 and 4, 2023. Please register here.
Virtual Orientation is mandatory for all students, and you must attend all sessions.

Pre-Sessional English Students are not required to attend virtual orientation.

Check-In/Arrival Days August 15 & August 16

All students are required to check in with our staff between 10:00AM and 5:00PM

On-Campus Housing Students and Approved Commuters must check in at Everglades Hall located at 1590 SW 111 Avenue Miami, FL 33174.

Campus Adjacent Housing Students must check in at Identity Miami located at 400 SW 107 Avenue Miami, FL 33174.

Check-In/Move-In Date: Thursday, August 24 (Global First Year Staff available from 9:00AM – 5:00PM)
English Testing Date: August 28, 2023
Start of Classes: September 5, 2023
End of Classes: December 8, 2023

Review the guidelines below on how to submit accelerated and post-secondary university credits. For questions, please contact your Student Success Coordinator, Alejandra Romero at

Students should submit their accelerated and/or post-secondary university credits after full acceptance to the Global First Year program.

Accelerated Credits By Exam

Credit-by-exam allows students to accelerate their studies by earning college credit through examination.

Passing scores satisfy the FIUs University Core Curriculum (UCC) requirements, prerequisites for some majors, electives, and foreign language. Other accelerated exams, such as German Abitur, and Swiss Matura CAPE (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination) evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

You can review the Equivalency Tables through this link: Equivalency Tables

Simple Rules:

  • Official scores must be sent directly to Florida International University from the examining organization (College Board, Cambridge, International Baccalaureate, French Baccalaureate etc.) .
  • A maximum of 45 credits are awarded for all exams combined; additional credits may be awarded upon request.
  • There are no grades associated with these exams, and therefore, no impact on GPA.
  • Exams and equivalencies are included in the Panther Degree Audit and transcript.
  • UCC1/UCC2 designations that satisfy FIUs University Core Curriculum (UCC) requirements may not satisfy major requirements.
  • Duplicate credit is not awarded (earning ENC 1101 in AP and IB, awards 3 credits, not 6).
    • ELE UCC1 (elective) is an exception to this rule and may be awarded more than once.

How to send your Exam Score Report/Diploma Electronically:

University Transfer Credit- Transferring from a U.S. Institution

An important part of transferring to a new institution is knowing the number of credits that are transferring and how they transfer. Transfer students may satisfy the FIUs University Core Curriculum (UCC) which is essentially the first two years of college, or General Education requirements.

Simple Rules:

  • Send your official transcript directly to FIU at from your previous institution. You will have to log into your previous university account and request an official transcript be sent to FIU.
  • You can review the Course Equivalencies through this link: Transfer Equivalency Database. If you do not see the course you completed, it is because FIU has not received that course previously and will need to evaluate the course. A course syllabus will be required to complete the course evaluation. Your academic advisor will indicate which course syllabus you will need to provide.

University Transfer Credit- Transferring from an International Institution

If your post-secondary educational history includes coursework outside the United States, you must submit a course-by-course credential translation and evaluation, with grade point average (GPA) calculation included, for all non-U.S. coursework. FIU accepts evaluations/translations from any NACES member evaluation service.

Florida International University requires proof of immunization for MMR (Measles, Mumps, & Rubella). FIU also asks that students provide proof of immunization for Hepatitis B & Meningitis; however, students can complete waivers to satisfy the Hepatitis B & Meningitis hold. Immunization holds will prevent you from registering for classes in the coming semester. Students must provide proof of vaccination or waivers (where applicable) to release these holds.

To submit your proof of immunizations, please click here.

Students can waive the Hepatitis B & Meningitis hold on the same form above.

At this time, FIU does not require proof of vaccination for COVID-19. 

Will you be under 18 years of age when you arrive to campus? If yes, you must complete the Consent for Treatment of a Minor form.

In the U.S.,  individuals under 18 years old require parental permission before receiving medical services. The form above allows you to visit and receive services from the FIU Student Health Center.

Hospitals and Doctors offices off-campus will have their own process for getting parental consent.

ALEKS Mathematics Assessment
The ALEKS assessment tests your math level. This assessment is only for students who intend to study majors in Business, Economics, Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.

You must take this assessment BEFORE orientation. To take the ALEKS, you will need to first set up your MyFIU account and FIU email.

Watch the ALEKS Remote Instructions Tutorial to familiarize yourself with the ALEKS.

Please note that there is a $5 proctoring fee to take the assessment.

*Take the ALEKS at*

The PERT assessment covers your English reading and writing skills.

If you are required to take the PERT, you will receive an email from the Academic Team.

After you have successfully set up your FIU account, you will need to register for the PERT test in the FIU Testing Center’s online system. Please click here for instructions on how to register for the PERT assessment.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email from the University Testing Center to your FIU email address with further testing instructions.

When you receive the email in your FIU university email, follow the instructions, watch the following video tutorial, and download HonorLock so that you are ready to take the PERT assessment.

FIU has made getting your Student ID card even easier and accessible. You can submit your photo early and have your FIU OneCard prepared and ready for pick-up when you arrive to campus. Submitting your photo is ONLY available for fully admitted students with a Panther ID Number.

You can still get your photo taken and receive your FIU OneCard on-campus, but you may experience a wait depending on student traffic in the OneCard office.

*You must have access to your MyFIU account in order to complete the OneCard early photo submission process.*

For instructions on the Photo Submission Process, please click here.

Airport Pick-Up Fall 2023

FIU Global First Year offers students free transportation from Miami International Airport (MIA) to campus. Please provide your arrival details at least 15 days in advance to the program start date.

Students should arrive prior to or on the move in days, which are August 15 and 16, 2023. If you arrive prior to August 15, 2023, you will not be able to move into your Residence Hall (Dormitory) or check-in with the Global First Year Staff until August 15 or 16, 2023. Students will be responsible for booking a hotel stay until the check-in date (August 15 or 16, 2023). Whether you require airport pick-up or not, please submit your flight information as soon as possible by clicking the button below.

Campus Check-In

On-Campus Check -In will take place on August 15 and 16, 2023.

All students are required to check in with our staff between 10:00AM and 5:00PM.

On-Campus Housing Students and Approved Commuters must check in at Everglades Hall located at 1590 SW 111 Avenue Miami, FL 33174.
Campus Adjacent Housing Students must check in at Identity Miami located at 400 SW 107 Avenue Miami, FL 33174.



Academic Calendar
Academic Advising
ACT/SAT Exam Registration & Info
Meet Your Instructors
Tutoring and Academic Support
Making an Advising or Coaching Appointment
Sample Academic Curriculum
Majors Offered

Frequently Asked Questions

How many online credits can I take after Global First Year?
Immigration requirements state that FIU students can register for no more than three (3) fully on-line credits as part of your required full time enrollment. Undergraduate students may enroll for no more than 3 of their required 12 credits each term. If approved for a reduced course load on your final term, you must enroll for at least one three credit in-person class. NOTE: Hybrid classes do not count as on-line classes.
How do I purchase textbooks for my G1Y classes?

Books and Supplies are not included in your tuition and fees within your Statement of Fees for the Global First Year Program.

FIU has implemented a program called the Panther Book Pack.  The Panther Book Pack is an affordable course materials rental program providing all undergraduate students with their required course materials by the first day of class at a fixed rate of 20 dollars per credit (around 260 USD for one semester while in Global First Year).

Students are automatically enrolled in the program for the semester; however, students can opt out within the first week of classes. If a student opts out, they are responsible for purchasing their course materials on their own.

How do I calculate my GPA?

Florida International University students can use this calculator to estimate the outcome of this semester’s grades on your overall college average. To calculate your cumulative average, enter in your current GPA and credit hours from previous semesters, then this semester’s grades and credits.

Can I take the summer off?
The answer to this question varies from case to case. Below you may find some of the most common scenarios

  • Enrollment during First Semester: You are required to be enrolled full-time if Summer is your first semester at FIU.
  • Enrollment during your G1Y program: You are required to be enrolled full-time if Summer falls during your G1Y program for your second or third semester.
  • Enrollment during Last Semester: You are required to be enrolled during the Summer Term if it is considered your last semester and you had applied for graduation. Please keep in mind that students who only need one course to complete their program of study, the course cannot be completed through online or distance education. F-1 students must enroll in at least one course that requires physical attendance in their final academic term.
  • Summer Term Optional Semester: Summer enrollment is optional ONLY if you are a progressed G1Y student and have completed a full course of study in Fall or/and Spring term. This means you can take the summer off (take no classes at all), take a part-time load, or take all online classes.
I need an enrollment letter/proof that I am a student at FIU for the army/my sponsor/etc. What do I do?

This is known as enrollment verification. An enrollment verification form can be completed AFTER the add/drop period of the term for which the enrollment information is requested. You can request an enrollment verification in one of three ways:

    • Official Enrollment Verifications can be obtained and printed through MyFIU. Self-service enrollment verifications via MyFIU for the current semester will be available 30 days after the start of the semester.
      • Select ‘Academic Records’.
      • Select ‘Enrollment Verification’ and click the ‘Request’ button.
    • The Enrollment Verification Form can also be uploaded online via MyFIU. Follow the submission instructions, located at the bottom of the form.
    • For letters of non-attendance, please email along with a Photo ID.

NOTE: Please check your student account for any financial holds. FIU will be unable to process these requests if financial holds are present on your account.

Academic Calendar

Visit FIU’s website for the complete Academic Calendar.

Application Deadline
I-20 Transfer Deadline
Payment Deadline
Arrival & Mandatory Check-in Date
Fall 2023
July 19, 2023
July 19, 2023
August 3, 2023
August 17, 2023

Jhonery Mendoza

Office: Primera Casa (PC) 248A

Academic Advising

Navigating your college career can be daunting, but you’re not alone. Advisors simplify the process, offering guidance every step of the way.

All G1Y students, regardless of their major, are assigned to Jhonery Mendoza as their Academic Advisor. Jhonery is available Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM for appointments and questions.

Jhonery’s job is to support G1Y students as they go through the first-year process of choosing a major and transitioning into the appropriate college at FIU.

All G1Y students meet with Jhonery during orientation and regularly throughout the semester to develop an academic plan. Additional, advising sessions with Jhonery also focus on degree requirements and progression requirements and is tailored to students’ academic performance and career goals.


Registering for Classes

FIU has created a video to show you how to both place classes in your Shopping Cart and Enroll in your classes.
*Please note that you will only be able to enroll in classes once you have reached your enrollment date and completed the G1Y program. This information is found in your MyFIU under ‘Manage Classes’.*

Viewing your Advising Notes

Your Academic Advisor has placed your course suggestions for the upcoming semesters in the ‘Reports’ section of Navigate. You can access them by the following steps:

  1. Go to and sign-in with your FIU credentials.
  2. Select ‘Academic Advising’ and ‘Success Network’. Sign-in again with your FIU credentials.
  3. Select the ‘Reports’ tab right below Student Home.


The ACT is an entrance exam used by colleges and universities in the United States. It is also a multiple-choice test administered by the College Board. FIU is offering a specific ACT Test for Global First Year Program to be taken at the FIU Testing Center. If you are located in Miami currently, you will need to take the ACT to fulfill your testing requirement. Please see the registration instructions below.

*The ACT On-Campus at FIU is not transferable to another university.


The SAT is an entrance exam used by most colleges and universities in the United States to make admissions decisions. It is a multiple-choice test administered by the College Board. If you are located outside of the country currently, you will need to take the SAT to fulfill your testing requirement. Please click on the button below to learn how to register for the SAT.

If you have already completed the SAT, you need to send your scores to FIU in order for them to count. Please click on the button below to learn how to send your scores.

Meet Your Instructors

Professor Nathan Kurland

Nathan Kurland offers over forty years of high-energy Communication & Public Speaking expertise to FIU and G1Y. Mr. Kurland received his BA in History and Communication from Penn State University and an MA in Rhetoric & Public Address from Temple University. Mr. Kurland is passionately dedicated to the idea of mandatory public speaking instruction as a requirement for all, repeat, all university students. Mr. Kurland’s career is a virtual prism of communication diversity. He has taught public speaking at Temple University and the Free School of the University of Pennsylvania, as well as private sector corporate communication. Nathan has been an Associate Professor with GIY since its inception. His two favorite words- preparation and energy. Outside of FIU, Mr. Kurland serves as Chair of the Miami Bayside Foundation, Chair of the Coconut Grove Art Festival, and Vice Chair of the Coconut Grove Neighbors Association.

Professor Nicholas Anderson

Hi there! My name is Nicholas Anderson and I’m a professor in the Writing and Rhetoric Department and Global 1st Year Program. You might have me as an instructor for your upcoming English composition courses. Before working at FIU, I received an AA in English from Miami Dade College, a BA in English, summa cum laude, from FIU, and an MA in Linguistics, also from FIU. Go Panthers! My teaching philosophy focuses on helping students develop their own identity, independence, and agency as writers, thinking about how to use writing and rhetoric in digital contexts and outside of the university setting, and creating a classroom culture of diversity and mutual respect. I have been teaching at FIU for eight years and also enjoy composing in a number of different genres, including websites, novels, video games, poetry, and linguistics research. If you have a creative project, blog idea, or entrepreneurial endeavor, I’d love to talk to discuss it with you! In the coming semesters, I look forward to working with you and seeing your great and innovative projects.

Professor Jason Ehlen

A native of New Jersey, Jason Ehlen moved to Miami Beach in 1999. He has a Bachelor’s in English Literature from Hampden-Sydney College and two master’s degrees from FIU (MA: Asian Studies, MFA: Fiction), and he studied Chinese at Nanjing University in Nanjing, China. Before coming to FIU, he taught ESL in China and Colombia. He’s taught Business English within companies such as Exxon, Falabella, and LVMH. At FIU, he is a Teaching Professor in the Writing and Rhetoric Department and teaches exclusively for the G1Y program. His fiction has been published in The Battered Suitcase, Everything’s Broken Too, and Akashic Press’s “Monday’s Are Murder” webseries.

Professor William Lisenbee

William Lisenbee specializes in teaching multilingual students in first-year composition courses. He received his MA in English Literature from Florida International University and regularly teaches ENC 1930, ENC 1101, and ENC 1102. Prior to coming to the Global First Year program at FIU, he worked for six years tutoring student-athletes with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. He credits much of his appreciation for multilingual students to his work as a tutor. Professor Lisenbee’s teaching philosophy is that to write and to communicate well are very important skills that every college student can develop. I teach writing as problem-solving, exploration, and self-expression. Writing can be a difficult process, but one that is made easier when students bring their own experiences and motivations into the classroom.

Dr. Chad Chumbley

Dr. Chad W. Chumbley was born in Louisville, Kentucky. He earned his Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Forensic Science from Eastern Kentucky University in 2010. Following his undergraduate studies, he earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Chemistry from Vanderbilt University in 2016 with research focusing on the quantitation of pharmaceutical drugs in biological specimens using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) imaging mass spectrometry. To combine his undergraduate degree in forensics with his graduate degree in analytical chemistry, he began working for the Federal Department of Justice in his current position as a forensic chemist in 2018. He joined Florida International University as an adjunct professor teaching Survey of Forensic Science in the spring of 2020.

Professor Yasbel Acuna-Borrero

Professor Yasbel Acuna-Borrero has been teaching writing for over 15 years. She began teaching as a graduate assistant at the University of Miami where she earned her Masters of Fine Arts degree in creative writing. Since then, she has taught writing in multiple institutions including Nova Southeastern University, Miami Dade College, and more recently, at FIU where she has been for the last 8 years. Professor Acuna Borrero has published numerous works of poetry and creative non-fiction. She is also the recipient of the Rosine Offen Memorial Prize for writing. She lives in Miami, Florida with her husband and their daughter, Gala.

Dr. Donovan McFarlane

Dr. Donovan A. McFarlane is an Adjunct Lecturer in Politics and International Relations (PIR) in the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) at Florida International University. He earned a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) from the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences at Nova Southeastern University, a Master of Liberal Studies in Political Science with a 4.00 GPA (M.L.S.) from the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at Fort Hays State University (FHSU), a Master of Science in Law (M.S.L. magna cum laude) from California Southern University School of Law, a Master of Public Administration with Honors (M.P.A. Hons.) from the School of Security and Global Studies at American Public University, and a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) from the School of Arts and Education at St. Thomas University. Dr. McFarlane has over 15 years of higher education teaching and research experience and has taught from associate to doctoral level courses across diverse institutions including Barry University, Nova Southeastern University, St. Thomas University, Westcliff University, Liberty University, Broward College, and City College. He is published in several peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of International Affairs and Global Strategy, Journal of Civil and Legal Sciences (JCLS), International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences (IJCJS), Open Ethics and Law Journal (OELJ), Journal of Law, Policy and Globalization, Journal of Public Policy and Administration, and the Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (JMR). Dr. McFarlane is originally from Jamaica, West Indies. He likes writing essays and studying cultures and watching foreign films based on history and culture.

Professor Juan Castro

Juan Castro is currently a mathematics instructor at FIU. He has been teaching lower division Mathematics for more than 4 years here at FIU. Juan Castro is involved in developing new teaching methodology and is a certified hybrid instructor. Juan Castro and his colleagues developed a new hybrid course for Business Calculus which he is currently teaching. Juan is interested in combination and sports. He obtained his bachelor’s and master’s in Mathematical science at FIU. He has an academic certificate from FIU in actuarial science. Juan’s future goal is to take and pass the Actuarial science exams form the Society of Actuaries (SOA)

Professor Stephanie Londono

Stephanie Londono is an adjunct professor in the Religious Studies Department. She is currently working on her doctorate in Cultural and Religious Studies at Claremont Graduate University and holds an MA in Religious Studies focusing on women and religion. Her investigations have centered around religion, ethics, and society, focusing on women and issues of memory, violence, and peacemaking in Latin America and the Caribbean. She has published on women and conversion in Miami, Orientalism and Islam in Latin America, and Liberation Theology. Before entering into the academic world, she practiced journalism for over five years covering sports. Today, along with teaching, she also participates as a commentator on religion, culture, and politics on CNN and other media outlets

Tutoring and Academic Support

FIU Tutoring

Tutoring is available through the main FIU tutoring center, the Center for Academic Success (CfAS), in a variety of subject areas. Services are currently being delivered online via one-on-one sessions, small groups, study halls, or workshops through the end of the Spring 2021 Semester.

Tutoring is also available through other FIU departments such as the Center for Excellence in Writing, AAA Tutoring, the Economics Tutoring Center and the Communication Arts Studio

You can browse information about and visit the pages for the FIU tutoring centers below.

Center for Academic Success

FIU Global First Year offers students free transportation from Miami International Airport (MIA) to campus. Please provide your arrival details at least 15 days in advance to the program start date.

Students are encouraged to arrive during the week of check-in (May 5-7). You can arrive in the country earlier than May 5, HOWEVER you will be unable to move into your dorm room or do the Global First Year check-in until May 5.

Whether you require airport pick-up or not, please submit your flight information as soon as possible by clicking the button below.

View Tutoring Schedule

Center for Excellence in Writing

The Center for Excellence in Writing, located in Green Library 120, offers individual consultations and workshops for any writing you are working on throughout your time at FIU. Whether you are brainstorming, drafting, revising or polishing, our writing consultants can assist you with projects such as:

  • Papers, reports and projects for any course in any department
  • Resumes and applications for fellowships and employment
  • Personal statements
  • Group projects
  • PowerPoint presentations and other non-print projects

Schedule an Appointment

Appointment Instructions

AAA Tutorial Program

The Assistance for Academic Achievement (AAA) Tutorial Program, located in GC 267, is one of the many free services offered by the Office of Social Justice and Inclusion. Tutoring is offered in a wide range of subjects in Math, Sciences, Humanities and more! For additional information and to schedule an appointment, visit their website.

Communication Arts Studio

The Communication Studio is staffed with experienced communication coaches eager to assist you with all of your presentation needs. Our mission is to provide you with the help and guidance needed, in order for you to give your best presentation. Their mission is to provide you with constructive feedback and guidance for effective communication through professional coaching to improve your public speaking, presentation and interview skills.

Schedule an Appointment

Appointment Instructions

Do you have additional academic support questions?

Contact Dean Buonomo, Global First Year’s Academic Coordinator, at

Making an Advising or Coaching Appointment


To schedule an Academic Advising or Coaching Appointment, you will need to:

  • Be able to log into your MyFIU Account
  • Know your Panther ID number
  • Make sure you are in Google Chrome
  • Turn off your pop-up blocker

Step 1 – Log into the Panther Success Network

  1. Log into your MyFIU Account and click the “Academic Advising” tile.
  2. On the next page, click the “Success Network” tile.
  3. Navigate to the success network once prompted on the following page.
  4. Log in to the network with your FIU username and password.

Step 2 – Click on “Schedule an Appointment” from your Panther Success Home Page

Step 3 – Choose “Academic Advising” from the drop down menu

Step 4 – Select “Global First Year” from the drop down menu

Step 5 – Select “General Advising” from the drop down menu

Step 6 – Choose the location of your appointment

To meet with Christie for Academic Advising, you will need to select “Online Arts, Sciences & Education Advising”
To meet with Lauren, Nate or Lorna for Success Coaching, you will need to select “Online Global First Year Coaching”

Step 7 – Select the name of your advisor or coach

Step 8 – Select an available day and time for the appointment

*Curriculum may vary according to major, course availability &/or accelerated/transfer credits

3 Semester Program

CGS 2060 OR OTHER (3)
MATH (3-4)
MATH (3-4)
MATH (3-4) OR OTHER (3)

2 Semester Program

MATH (3-4)
MATH (3-4) OR OTHER (3)

Math Sequence: *Sequence may vary according to majors
Business Majors (ALEKS): College Algebra (MAC 1105) – Calculus for Business (MAC 2233) – Statistics for Business (STA 2023)
STEM (ALEKS): College Algebra (MAC 1105) – PreCalculus & Trigonometry (MAC 1147) – Calculus I (MAC 2311) – Calculus II (MAC 2312) – Multivariable Calculus (MAC 2313)
Social Science/Humanities (No ALEKS): College Algebra – MAC 1105 & MGF 1106 Finite Math or MGF 1107 Math of Social Choice

Track 1- STEM Field & Computer Science, Biological and Environmental Sciences & Physical Sciences and Engineering



Biomedical Engineering

Chemistry (Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental, Forensic)

Civil Engineering

Computer Science B.S. or B.A.

Computer Science: Software Design & Development

Computer Engineering

Dietetics & Nutrition (Didactic)

Earth Sciences

Electrical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Studies w/ concentration in:
Natural Resources
Agricultural Studies

Geosciences (Atmospheric or Geosciences)

Information Technology

Internet of Things

Marine Biology


Mechanical Engineering



Sustainability and the Environment (Agricultural, Natural Resources)

Track 2- Business, Finance & Economics Administration and Management


Business Analytics

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Health Services Administration

Hospitality Management
Major Areas:

  • Hospitality Management
  • Beverage Management
  • Culinary Management
  • Event Management
  • Hotel/Lodging Management
  • Restaurant/Food Service Management
  • Travel and Tourism Management

Human Resources

International Business

Logistics & Supply Chain Management


Management of Information Systems


Psychology: Industrial and Organizational Psychology Track

Public Administration

Real Estate

Recreation and Sports Management

  • Parks Management
  • Recreation and Sports Management
  • Recreational Therapy

Track 3- Global and Social Sciences & Humanities


Art B.A.

Art History

Asian Studies

Broadcast (Communication)

Communication Arts

Criminal Justice

Crime Science

Digital Communications & Media

Elementary Education: Career Development




Global Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Journalism (Communication)

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Liberal Studies

Modern Languages


Political Science


Public Relations, Advertising, Applied Communications (PRAC)

Sports & Fitness Studies

Religious Studies

Social Work

Women’s and Gender Studies


Student Health

Health Services
COVID-19 Vaccine

Frequently Asked Questions

Does G1Y insurance cover the COVID-19 Vaccine?
Yes! G1Y insurance will waive all out-of-pocket costs for the COVID-19 vaccine. Student members will not be responsible for co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance regardless of which FDA approved vaccine they receive.
How do I get my G1Y insurance card?

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the Wellfleet Home Page and enter FIU Global into the search box.
  • Pay attention to the dates and select the date that matches when you started your program. For example, Spring 2021 students will select FIU Global (1933) 1/1/21-12/31/21
  • From your school’s landing page, click the menu icon in the top right corner and select “My Account” to access your account.
  • Click “Create a New Account” on the student sign-in page.
  • Please use your FIU email address when creating your account. For more instructions on how to create your account, you can watch this video.
  • To access your online ID card, click on the “Student Options” tab.
Are appointments required to get the vaccine?

Yes! Retail pharmacies will not accept you without an appointment right now due to the high volume of people needing to be vaccinated.

Which vaccine should I get?

Experts say don’t wait, get whichever vaccine is available at the location where you are able to schedule an appointment. If you are under the age of 18, you will ONLY be eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine.

What’s the difference between the three different vaccines?

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two doses and are somewhat more effective. Johnson & Johnson is a single shot vaccine and is somewhat less likely to cause side effects. Check out this USA TODAY story which outlines some of the vaccine differences.

Are there side effects?

After getting vaccinated, most people report mild to moderate side effects within three days, including headache, fatigue, chills, body aches, low-grade fever and redness or swelling at the injection site. These side effects should last for only a day or two but may affect your ability to do daily activities such as going to work or hitting the gym. Physicians emphasize the side effects are normal and also a sign the body is reacting properly to the vaccine.

Most people who received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines report stronger side effects after the second dose because it’s a booster shot and elicits a stronger immune response.

How long do I wait between COVID-19 vaccine doses?

People who receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine must wait at least 21 days before getting their second dose. Those who receive the Moderna vaccine must wait at least 28 days.

The CDC recommends getting the second shot as close to the three-week or one-month interval as possible. However, the agency updated guidance in January to say the second dose of a two-shot vaccine can be administered up to six weeks after the first, if necessary.

This guidance pertains only to the vaccines that require two shots, which were developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

What should I bring to my second dose appointment?

For the second dose appointment, make sure to bring all the necessary documents from the first appointment, as well as the vaccination card that should have been given after the first dose.

The vaccination card should detail the vaccine received (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna), the date and the arm injected (right or left). If you lost this card or didn’t receive it at the first appointment, don’t fret! The state should have an electronic record of that information.

If your information can’t be found in the state’s Immunization Information System and you can’t remember which vaccine you received at the first appointment, the CDC updated guidelines in January to recommend getting whatever vaccine is available as a second dose instead of restarting the vaccination series.

How long before the vaccine is effective?

This protection doesn’t happen overnight. It typically takes a few weeks for the body to build immunity, which means it’s still possible to get sick just after vaccination. The CDC said it can take 10 to 14 days after the second shot of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines or the one-dose J&J vaccine for someone to develop the full immunity. This doesn’t mean a person can set aside all public health measures two weeks after getting fully vaccinated.

I had COVID-19. Do I need to get the vaccine?

The CDC says yes, you should still get a COVID-19 vaccine even if you’ve already had the virus. Experts don’t know how long you’re protected from COVID-19 after you recover.

Does getting a vaccine mean I can stop wearing a face mask?

No. Everyone, including those who have received both doses of vaccine, should continue to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations on wearing face coverings, social distancing and practicing good hand hygiene.

Can you catch COVID-19 after getting the vaccine and infect others?

Yes, it’s possible, but it’s likely you would not have symptoms so you may not know you are sick and able to infect others.

“You can conceivably get infected, get no symptoms and still have virus in your nasal pharynx,” Anthony Fauci said during a CNN town hall in January.

You’re more likely to catch the coronavirus within the two weeks after vaccination because that’s when you’re least protected. But you also have a small chance of becoming ill when you’re fully immunized since the vaccines are 72-95% effective depending on which vaccine you get. But it will most likely be a mild or moderate form of the disease since the vaccines are almost 100% effective against severe disease.

Now that I’m vaccinated, what stuff can I do?

The CDC said fully vaccinated people don’t need to wear a mask or socially distance inside a home when visiting other vaccinated people or an unvaccinated person from one household who is at low risk for severe COVID-19 disease.

A person who is fully vaccinated should still wear a mask and socially distance in a home with someone who is unvaccinated and over 65 or has an underlying medical condition that raises the risk of getting severely ill with COVID-19.

In a situation where vaccinated people gather with unvaccinated people from multiple households, everyone should wear a mask and follow social distancing protocols. The CDC recommends gathering outdoors or in a well-ventilated space.

Regardless of vaccination status, the CDC recommends avoiding medium to large gatherings. The agency defers to states that may have guidance restricting the size of gatherings.

If a fully vaccinated person attends an event or large gathering, the CDC said, he or she should follow prevention measures that reduce COVID-19 spread, such as wearing a mask, social distancing and frequent hand-washing.

Travel is still not recommended, but if you MUST travel, follow all CDC guidelines to reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission and wait at least two weeks after getting fully vaccinated.

Student Health on Campus

All students are required to complete a safety screening questionnaire prior to coming onto campus. To access and download the P3 app, go online to COVID-19 testing at FIU Student Health is being offered to currently enrolled students based on test availability and by appointment only. Student Health is not accepting any walk-in or drive-up requests during this time. If you believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19, or are having symptoms, please call 305-348-8385 to schedule a telehealth visit.

Schedule an Appointment

Due to classes moving to remote learning and in an abundance of caution, Student Health is not open for walk-ins and appointments are required. Clinic hours currently are 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday.

To schedule an appointment, have your Panther ID number ready and call (305) 348-8385. Appointments are available in-person and remotely through telehealth.

Please note that telehealth appointments are only available to those currently located in Florida.

Getting Tested for COVID-19

FIU has partnered with Curative to expand COVID-19 testing by opening an on-campus walk-up testing station for students, faculty and staff.

COVID-19 tests are administered at the new station at no cost to those being tested and results will be sent to patients via private portal within 24-48 hours. The testing station is located in front of Parkview Hall. Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please note this testing station is a walk-up only; there is no designated parking in the vicinity.

To make an appointment at the Curative station, please visit and search for testing centers by location using the zip code 33199. The station name is MMC-SWRC-Students.

G1Y Health Insurance

According to Florida Board of Governors and FIU policy, all International Students with F and J status are required to have medical insurance prior to registration. In the FIU Global First Year program, you are automatically provided with health insurance unless you already have insurance provided through a government sponsor.

As a Global First Year student, you have health insurance through Wellfleet Student. To finalize your insurance enrollment, you MUST sign an alternative insurance compliance form. If you have not received your form, please email

FIU Global First Year has also put together a PowerPoint about your G1Y Insurance which includes a benefit summary and instructions to search for Cigna participating doctors.

Visit for the most up-to-date information about COVID-19 on campus.

Individuals with F-1 student visa status are required to show proof of COVID vaccination in order to enter the US. Vaccinations must align with the US’s approved list of COVID-19 vaccines. Only two exceptions apply:

  1. Student is from a country with limited COVID-19 vaccine availability (see list here ).
  2. Student is under 18 at the time of travel.

Effective December 06, 2021 – all international travelers (regardless of vaccination status) must show results of a negative coronavirus test taken one day prior to their flight’s departure from a foreign country traveling to the United States.

If neither vaccine exceptions apply to you and you remain unvaccinated, you may not be able to enter the US on the date of your scheduled travel.

For those passengers traveling under one of the above exceptions, they must complete and present the Combined Covered Attestation Form to the airline at the time of departure. Passengers must be prepared to answer questions regarding Section 4 of the form and should have a clear understanding of their school’s COVID policies.



New Panther Check-In
Discounted Flights with Student Universe

Frequently Asked Questions

I am out of status. What should I do?

If you are out of status you must schedule an appointment to meet with an ISSS advisor immediately to review your options in returning to status.

How can I get a Social Security Number (SSN)?

You may apply for a social security number ONLY if you have been offered a job on-campus or if you have been granted practical training (CPT or OPT) employment authorization (keep in mind that practical training options are generally not available to new students). An SSN will be given to you for employment purposes only, NOT for purposes such as applying for credit cards, renting an apartment, etc.

If you do have a job offer and need an SSN, you must apply for a social security number through your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office. If the SSN is for an on-campus job you must first bring your offer letter to ISSS because an ISSS advisor must sign off on the letter from your hiring department. For the SSA location nearest you, please visit the Office of Social Security and type in your zip code. You may also call 1-800-772-1213 or visit International Students and Social Security. You may download the social security application (Form SS-5) online.

Do I need a new signature on my I-20 every time I travel?

No, the travel signature on page 3 is valid for 12 months.

What happens if my visa expires?

A visa is an “entry document” used to enter the U.S. If it expires in the U.S., there is no need for concern as long as you are maintaining valid status (maintaining full-time enrollment etc). However, if you plan to leave the U.S., you will need a valid visa for re-entry to the U.S. Visas are issued at U.S. embassies/consulates abroad. Check with the U.S. embassy/consulate in your home country regarding visa renewal requirements.

What happens if my I-20 expires?

You are considered to be out of status with the Department of Homeland Security if the program end date on your I-20 has passed and you have not graduated. DO NOT LET THIS DOCUMENT EXPIRE. If it has expired, schedule an appointment to meet with an ISSS advisor immediately to discuss how to get back in status.

What happens if I lose my I-20?

If your I-20 is lost, damaged, or stolen, you must request a new I-20 from ISSS by completing a Document Request Form. If your I-20 is stolen, you should also file a police report with the police department as soon as possible.

I want to travel outside the U.S. What should I do?

If you want to travel outside the U.S. you must have a valid F-1 or J-1 visa, a valid I-20 or DS-2019 with a valid travel signature, and a valid passport (valid at least six months into the future). If you are planning to travel to a country other than your home country, visit The Embassy Website for travel guidelines and visa requirements.

During your stay in the U.S. in F-1 status, you are subject to many complex immigration laws and regulations that relate to your legal status here. Advisors at International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) are available to assist you and answer your questions about your immigration status, but it is your responsibility to know and abide by the law in order to maintain valid legal status. It is to your benefit to make sure to maintain legal status throughout the duration of your stay in the U.S.

New Panther Check-In

In order to keep your I-20 or DS-2019 active, and to keep your status in the US, all new international students are required to check in using the New Panther Portal no later than 30 days after they arrive in the United States.

You can upload documents, confirm your student information, and complete your mandatory information session online. You will be directed to a sign in page, where you will need to use your panther ID and password to sign in. Click on the button below for directions on how to complete the ISSS Check-In.

International Student Sessions

All students at FIU in F-1 or J-1 student status are required to attend a MANDATORY Welcome Immigration Session for International Students conducted by ISSS. This is a separate session, different from from other academic, departmental, or university-wide orientations and it will cover information specific to international students that you MUST be aware of. These sessions are offered at both the Biscayne Bay Campus and the Modesto A. Maidique Campus every semester.

Immigration and Enrollment Policies

All international students MUST register FULL TIME or will fall out of status and become ineligible for immigration benefits.
Fall and Spring Semesters

  • Full Time = minimum total twelve (12) undergraduate credit hours
  • Minimum of nine (9) credits must be in-person (NOT online) classes; only 3 online credits may be counted toward the 12 credit total
  • You MUST be enrolled full-time from the beginning of each semester (Fall or Spring Term A).
  • You MUST be enrolled in at least one course in person in Term A/C.

Summer Semester

  • If Summer A is your FIRST semester
    • Full Time = minimum twelve (12) credit hours
    • Minimum of nine (9) credits must be in-person (NOT online) classes; only 3 online credits may be counted toward the 12 credit total
  • If Summer B is your FIRST semester
    • Full Time = minimum six (6) undergraduate credit hours
    • Minimum of three (3) credits must be in-person (NOT online) classes
  • Summer is OPTIONAL (no class requirements) for most continuing students

Immigration Advising

Any immigration questions must be brought to an advisor in the ISSS office. This semester, the ISSS is holding virtual office hours for general questions Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 12 PM and 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Students can also request individual appointments for change of status requests, reinstatements, or approvals for a medical reduced course load.


To complete your New Panther Check-In, you will need:

  • Your Panther ID Number – Found on your Letter of Acceptance (Ex. 6267385)
  • Scan of your passport
  • Scan of your visa
  • I-20 in PDF Form
  • Most recent I-94
  • Your birthday
  • Your U.S. Address

Step 1 – Access the ISSS Portal

Go to Once there you will need to press the LOGIN button.

You will log in using your FIU username (the first part of your email before the and your password.

Step 2 – Register for ISTART Online Services

Register for ISTART online services by entering your Panther ID and Date of Birth.

Step 3 – Access your New Panther Checklist

Once you register, you should see an expanded menu of options on the left side of the page. Click on the tab labeled “New Panther” to access the check-in process.

Step 3 – Complete Steps 1-3

Once you open the tab, click on the “New Panther Check In Process”. You will need to complete all three steps in order starting with Step 1.

Student Universe

Discounted Flights

Book flights through StudentUniverse and benefit from exclusive discounts for international students! Get the best deals when you need them and benefit from 24-hour risk-free cancellation.


Job & Career Support

Virtual Internships + Professional Certificates
Working as an International Student
Job & Career Support
Applying for On-Campus Jobs
G1Y Student Employment Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a Social Security Number (SSN)?

You may apply for a social security number ONLY if you have been offered a job on-campus or if you have been granted practical training (CPT or OPT) employment authorization (keep in mind that practical training options are generally not available to new students). An SSN will be given to you for employment purposes only, NOT for purposes such as applying for credit cards, renting an apartment, etc.

If you do have a job offer and need an SSN, you must apply for a social security number through your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office. If the SSN is for an on-campus job you must first bring your offer letter to ISSS because an ISSS advisor must sign off on the letter from your hiring department. For the SSA location nearest you, please visit the Office of Social Security and type in your zip code. You may also call 1-800-772-1213 or visit International Students and Social Security. You may download the social security application (Form SS-5) online.

How do I schedule an appointment with a Career Coach?

To request an appointment with a Career Coach, follow these steps:

  • Log into Handshake
  • Go to the “Career Center” drop down menu located at the top right-hand of your profile
  • Click on “Appointments”
  • Click on “Schedule A New Appointment” and select your preferred campus or virtual outlet with the topic of “General Career Counseling”
Can I work full-time on-campus?

The total hours of your employment on campus cannot exceed a maximum of 20 hours per week when you are in classes and 30 hours per week during breaks.

Can I work in more than one place on-campus?

Yes, but the total hours cannot exceed a maximum of 20 hours per week between both employers. You must obtain authorization from ISSS.

Do I have to attend or view an F-1 Employment Workshop in order to apply for CPT or OPT?

Yes. If you are planning to work off-campus in the U.S. you must get authorization for either Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT). To apply for either of these F-1 employment benefits, you must view the online employment workshop on the ISSS website, or attend a live employment workshop hosted by ISSS. You must complete the workshop acknowledgement form and set up an appointment to meet with an ISSS advisor before engaging in any type of off-campus employment. Find all the information here on the F-1 Employment page.

Can I apply for OPT outside of the United States?

No, you must be in the United States to apply for OPT. This is a requirement that has no exception. If you are outside the country and make arrangements to come back to apply in the middle or towards the end of the semester, there is no guarantee that your application will be approved (based on your I-94 information). Do not risk it. Consult with an ISSS Advisor before making any decision. Visit the OPT page for more information.

Working as an International Student

On-Campus Employment

This is a benefit available to all students maintaining valid F1 status. It is not necessary to obtain special work authorization from USCIS to work on-campus; however, you must obtain an on-campus employment certification signed by an ISSS advisor to submit to Human Resources. Please review the F-1 On-Campus Employment Online Information to make sure you understand all the policies and regulations on this type of employment.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

CPT is a practical training that is performed for academic credit (part of the school curriculum and commensurate to degree level) AND that is required as part of the academic plan or program curriculum from ALL students in the program.

This includes:

  • Required internship, practicum, student teaching or field experience (paid or unpaid)
  • Optional internships for credit (MUST be in student’s major or program of study)
  • Cooperative (Co-op) education programs for credit (MUST be in student’s major or program of study

To learn more about CPT, you can visit the CPT information section on the ISSS website.

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a period during which undergraduate and graduate students with F-1 status are permitted by the USCIS to work towards getting practical training to complement their field of studies once they have completed their program of studies.

“Optional Practical Training (OPT) is temporary employment that is directly related to an F-1 student’s major area of study. Eligible students can apply to receive up to 12 months of OPT employment authorization before completing their academic studies (pre-completion) and/or after completing their academic studies (post-completion). However, all periods of pre-completion OPT will be deducted from the available period of post-completion OPT.”

To learn more about OPT, you can visit the OPT information section on the ISSS Website.


The G1Y Program has partnered with FIU’s Career and Talent Development office to assist students with:
Resume writing and critiques
Practice interviews
Career transitions and assessments
Professional development
Career events
And other services to help you move your career forward


Searching and applying for jobs on campus is not as difficult as you may think! Read and follow the steps below.

Step 1

Go to Then scroll down the page and click on the button that says “Explore FIU Careers”.

Step 2

Now you should be in the FIU Careers Portal. You will see a menu of options. Click on “View All Jobs”

Step 3

If you are viewing on a computer, you should then be taken to a page listing all jobs available with a left side menu where you can filter your job types. In this filter area, scroll down to “Job Family” and make sure that you check the box next to “Student” so that you are only seeing student jobs.

If you are viewing this on a phone, you’ll see a little filter icon that you will have to click to open up the menu. On the menu you will scroll down to Job Family” and make sure that you check the box next to “Student” so that you are only seeing student jobs. Then you will click the “Done” button at the top to take you back to the results.

Step 4

Now you should see all available student jobs. To apply, you will need to follow the steps to create an account and upload your required materials such as resume, cover letter and so on. Help with your resume and cover letter can be received through the FIU Career & Talent Development Office.

G1Y Student Employment Opportunities

The G1Y Program periodically hires students to assist with office work and student orientation. Read on below for information about the job opportunities available and links to apply!

G1Y Student Workers

Job Description

Under the leadership of the Global First Year Program, Student Workers are responsible for representing the Global First Year Program – its history, opportunities, attributes, benefits, and services when hosting or welcoming visitors to campus. Acting as a representative for the G1Y, Student Workers are expected to warmly welcome all campus visitors, mainly serving prospective students and parents, while working to establish a quality first impression as guides for new students who are making the transition from high school and their home country to the United States and the University community.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Hosting virtual and in-person tours and calls that will include, but are not limited to: an audience of prospective students and their parents and recruitment agents
  • Assist students and staff with on-campus check in/move in.
  • Support Global First Year staff with administrative and logistical tasks.
  • Create and maintain a welcoming and friendly environment, while keeping the health and safety of the students as a top priority.
  • Create and maintain professional relationships with students, staff, and the campus community.
  • Provide peer-to-peer support for a variety of student needs, including but not limited to: navigating campus and serving as a campus resource


  • Successfully progressed through Global First Year
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Currently a student in good conduct standing
  • Enrolled in classes for Spring 2021 semester
  • Demonstrate strong customer service and interpersonal skills, and a passion for helping others as well as the ability to work with diverse populations

Global Orientation Leaders (GOLs)

Job Description

Under the leadership of the Student Services Team, GOLs serve as guides for new students who are making the transition from high school and their home country to the United States and the University community. Orientation is designed to acclimate students to the United States and FIU. During the crucial first week on campus, students will complete a number of mandatory procedures and learn more about FIU.

While orientation will be a year-long process, the goals for Orientation week are:

  • Removal of admission holds to allow for class registration
  • Integrate students into the University by connecting them with each other, other students on campus, and vital University resources
  • Introduce students to academic opportunities and culture in the United States
  • Build a strong and supportive community

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Serve as a greeter for students requesting transportation from Miami International Airport.
  • Assist students and staff with on-campus check in/move in.
  • Support Student Services and other Global First Year staff with administrative and logistical tasks.
  • Create and maintain a welcoming and friendly environment, while keeping the health and safety of the students as a top priority.
  • Guide and motivate a small group of international students throughout the orientation.
  • Create and maintain professional relationships with students, staff, and the campus community.
  • Build community throughout orientation with icebreakers, energizers, and team builders should time allow it.
  • Provide peer-to-peer support for a variety of student needs, including but not limited to: navigating the area, serving as a campus resource, and responding to personal student needs

Virtual Internships + Professional Certificates

Master the in-demand skills global employers seek that you won’t learn in the classroom. Boost your portfolio — and save money — with certifications and projects that demonstrate your new qualifications and make you a competitive candidate in today’s job market.
Enroll today for an incredible value: Many bootcamps and courses can range up to $14,000 per course* — but with FIU Global First Year you can upskill in as many available courses as you like during your studies, all included in your enrollment fee!

Professional Certificates

Designed for computer science, engineering, and business students, each certificate program was inspired by elite university preparatory programs tailored for growing careers. Student internship projects have included software development, website design, virtual reality, digital content creation, project management, AI, and more at leading employers.

Certification 1 : Design Thinking – develop effective approaches to problem-solving
Designed for business/MBA, computer science, data science, engineering, information systems, and marketing majors

Certification 2 : Social Entrepreneurship** – foster widespread positive change
Designed for business/MBA, engineering, entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing majors

Certification 3 : Global Citizenship** – thrive in diverse environments
Designed for business/MBA, computer science, engineering, finance, and international business majors

Completed internships include

Halcyon IQ
Local Grown Salads
Personal Banker
Digital marketing strategy
Social media marketing
Diagnostics AI/machine learning
Website design
AWS – LGS ecosystem system design
Technology software development API
Digital content creation

Credentials + certification prep offered include

Business Students
Computer Science Students
Engineering Students
Credentials + Certification Preparation
  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • PMP
  • Java, Python, PHP, C++ , Ruby
  • AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure
  • DP-203 Microsoft Exam dp-203
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Security Operations
  • Reverse, Social, Chaos and Network Engineering
  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Software Developer
  • UX Designer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Systems Architect
  • Video Game Developer
  • AI Engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Product Engineer
  • Data Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer

*Stanford Executive Education Design Thinking Bootcamp

**Endorsed by the University of Peace – UN Charter


Scholarships & Finances

Scholarships & Finances
Loans for International Students

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my tuition and fees?

Students need to pay all tuition and fees in a timely manner to avoid late fees, potential loss of scholarships, and delays in registering for classes. Click here for instructions:


American higher education is quite expensive compared to that of other countries. This is a fact that you should be aware of as an international student.

International students are required to submit proof of sufficient funds to cover educational expenses in the U.S. in order to obtain a SEVS I-20. Having obtained an I-20, signing it and either entering the U.S. or filing a change of status to F-1 you agree to have funds available for the duration of your studies. It is important, therefore, that you responsibly plan and manage your finances.

Scholarships and grants are some of the ways that you can help to cover your costs. However, these opportunities will not simply find you. You will have to find them!

Recommended Links to Scholarships, Grants or Alternate Funding Sources

  • FIU Library – You can find guides or handbooks on financial assistance, scholarships, or grants in the library’s Reference section. These guides would list different international organizations, American institutions, or even multinational corporations that may offer some form of financial assistance to international students.
  • Your Academic Department – Some scholarships, grants or assistantships may be available through your academic departments. Meet with your academic advisor to find out if there’s any in your major field. Scholarships may also be available from the professional industry however, such information may not always be publicized and information could be available through professors in the specific fields. Let your professors know that you’re looking for possible scholarships.
  • FIU Scholarships
  • External Organizations and Resources

Tax Responsibilities

January 1 through April 15 is “Tax Season” in the United States. During this period, U.S. citizens, permanent residents and many non-immigrants must file income tax returns and other tax forms.

All international students, scholars and their dependents (F-1, F-2, J-1 and J-2 who have been in the United States the previous calendar year) who are non-residents for tax purposes MUST file tax Form 8843 regardless of whether they worked or not.

For more information, visit the Tax Responsibilities section on the ISSS Website.

Remember! G1Y advisors are NOT experts in income taxes and thus, cannot advise or assist you in filing your returns. The information on this webpage is provided as a service to enrolled international students in G1Y. The information does not constitute tax advice and G1Y staff cannot assist with the preparation or completion of individual tax return forms.

U.S. Bank Accounts

Within the first few days of your arrival, you may want to open a checking account with a bank on or near campus. FIU has partnered with Wells Fargo to offer you the ability to link your bank account from them to your FIU One Card.

You may directly deposit traveler’s checks for free in most cases, or arrange for a wire transfer from your home bank for a fee of about $35. Typically, you may make an unlimited number of additional deposits or withdrawals thereafter. Be sure to always have sufficient funds in your account to cover all outstanding checks; if you “overdraw,” the bank may impose expensive fees. Also be aware that there is usually a waiting period of a few days before you may withdraw the money you deposit, as a way for the bank to protect itself from fraud.

To open a bank account, you will be asked for a number of supporting documents for your application. These might include:

  • Current Passport
  • Proof of address- a piece of mail will usually suffice
  • A letter of enrollment from your college
  • A personal identification number
    • Social security number*
    • Student ID number
    • Passport number
    • An international ID number with photo identification
    • Individual taxpayer identification number

* Note: As a non-US citizen, you will not automatically be given a social security number. In order to receive one, you must have been in the US for at least 10 days and be offered an on-campus position.

For more helpful information, click here.


Students who cancel their FIU G1Y course prior to arrival on FIU’s campus may request a full refund of deposit, tuition, and fees. To be eligible for a refund of your deposit, within 60 days after your program’s start date you must submit a written refund request together with documentation showing your visa application was denied before your move-in date. Otherwise, we do not refund deposits.

After the start of the G1Y program orientation, students may be eligible for the following partial refunds: 90% refund during the 1st week of class, 50% refund during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th weeks of classes. No refunds are available after the 4th week of classes for the remainder of the program duration without exceptional circumstances.

If you are eligible for any refunds from Global First Year after the 4th week of classes, it is important to note that the refund policy states that refunds will not be processed until a student completes the G1Y Program to ensure that there are no additional pending charges due to unforeseen circumstances like housing fees, extension terms and so on.

Once a student completes their program in G1Y, they will be contacted to complete a refund form. This form will allow the student to designate where they would like their funds to be deposited. All refunds will be issued in U.S. Dollars, minus bank transfer and processing fees, according to the exchange rate in place at the time of the refund. Once this form is submitted, the refund will be processed within 45-60 business days.

Flexible Student Loan Plans for International Students

For most international students, obtaining financial aid to support their studies can be challenging, especially without a qualified co-signer. To help fund international students’ education journey in the US, Shorelight is collaborating with MPower Financing and Prodigy Finance, international student loan servicers. Both provide flexible student loan plans for international students pursuing degrees at eligible US colleges and universities, without the usual requirements of a cosigner, collateral, or US credit history. They offer fixed-rate loans up to $100,000 with 1.5% in interest rate discounts.

Find international student loans with MPower Financing and Prodigy Finance.


Clubs & Organizations

Get Involved

There’s more to college life than classes and textbooks. Get involved with an organization that suits your interests and grow as a leader while making lifelong friends.

Visit FIU’s Office of Student Affairs to learn more about campus clubs and organizations.


Parking & Transport

Parking & Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park?
FIU has marked parking spaces which designate the permission needed to park in each space.

  • Students: Unmarked spaces are considered student spaces and require student permits.
  • Visitors: metered spaces. FIU has pay-stations that accept card and coin, as well as Pay-by-Phone parking application.
How do I appeal a citation?
Citations may only be appealed within 10 business days from the issue date of the citation (Note: Citations will have an issue date and violation date). Appeals should only be filed if a legitimate basis exists.

Login to your parking account using your FIU credentials. Hover over the Citations tab located at the Menu Bar. Select Appeal citation from the drop down menu. You may select the citation from the list or type the citation number into the text box.

What if I want to ride on the Miami-Dade Transit (MDT) busses?
MDT bus passes are available for purchase. Pre-ordering begins online the 14th of every month. The passes then are available for pick up or purchase at the FIU Parking & Transportation office three business days before the end of each month on both campuses. The last day to purchase bus passes in office is the 8th of each month.

An Easy Card (monthly Metro bus pass) for the Miami-Dade transit system is available to the FIU community at $56.25 and may be preordered online or purchased at our office in PG5. MDT parking permits must be purchased online through MDT’s website.

Can I park in the Parkview Housing Garage?
Parkview Housing Garage is for housing students only. A housing garage semester virtual permit will be made available to those who desire a higher level of parking service at the Parkview Housing Garage. You may purchase this permit in your parking web portal for one or two semesters starting in the Fall semester.

During the Summer semester, Parkview Housing Garage will have Pay-by-Phone spaces available for a daily rate for those who have a valid FIU parking permit.

Are there charging stations for electric vehicles?
Charging stations are available in all garages excluding Parkview Housing Garage.

To use the charging station, download the Semma Connect app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Alternatively, call 1-800-663-5633 and follow the prompts to start charging by phone. EV stations can be found throughout the campus. Price for charging your electric vehicle starts at $1/ per hour.

The Parking & Transportation Office on campus provides a variety of services for students including, but not limited to:
Parking Permits
Paying/Appealing Parking Citations
Panther Express
CATS Shuttle
Panther Mover
SweetWater Trolley
NOMI Express
Doral Trolley

Getting a Driver’s License

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will not issue a license until your F-1 SEVIS record is ACTIVE. You must complete the new student virtual check-in via the FIU ISSS Portal to initiate setting your record to active. You will receive an email notification from ISSS confirming your record is active. You must then wait 48 hours before visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles.

NOTE: Due to USCIS limitations – your SEVIS record may not be set to active until the semester starts and this registration is performed in the order your virtual check in occurred. This process may take up to 10 business days after you check in.

Once your record is active, you will need to make an appointment at the DMV and bring the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Non-immigration classification proof which the United States’ Department of Homeland Security provides
  • Documents to prove your F-1 or J-1 student status
  • Two original documents to show proof of your residence. (Examples: Cell Phone Bills, Original Transcripts, Apartment Lease, Bank Statements and Utility Bills)
    • If you live on campus, you will have to visit the Department of Housing and Residential Life for the proof.
  • SSN Card, if you have one

Student Parking Permits

Global First Year students will take all of their classes on the MMC Campus. This campus is the largest campus for FIU and has a large number of open air parking lots and covered parking garages on campus.

All enrolled students are able to get a virtual parking permit for free! Simply sign on to the FIU Parking Portal using your “Florida International University Single Sign On” using the same FIU username and password as for your MyFIU account. Check out the video in this section and follow along with the steps to register your vehicle and license plate.

Once your permit is active, you are able to park in any spot on campus that has a blank grey stone block. Remember not to park in a metered, staff/faculty or admin space and only park with the back of your car (and your license plate) facing out.

Getting Around Campus

FIU has several ride services that can help you to get around campus.

Panther Mover
The panther movers look like small shuttle cars pulled by a golf cart. This service operates continuously Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM with stops throughout campus.

Freebee is a free on-demand door to door transportation shuttle. To order a ride, simply download the Ride Freebee app, request a ride and jump onboard! Operates Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM. All rides must begin or end inside the MMC Campus or the Engineering Center.

Panther Express
The Panther Express Shuttle is a bus that provides an alternative to driving between FIU’s MMC and Biscayne Bay (BBC) Campus. Currently enrolled FIU students can ride the bus for free by swiping their FIU One Card. The bus departs from the MMC Lot 3 Bus Stop every half hour Monday thru Friday from 6 AM to 10 PM and a final departure at 11 PM.

CATS Shuttle
The CATS shuttle travels between MMC and the Engineering Center. The service operates two shuttles running continuously from 6 AM-11 PM. Shuttles stop at the following locations:

  • Lot 3
  • East Of PG5
  • 109 Tower
  • Identity Miami
  • 4th Street Commons
  • EC
  • Lot 5 (Miami–Dade transit hub located at 107th Ave and 17th street)

Getting Around Sweetwater, Doral & North Miami

Sweetwater Trolley
The City of Sweetwater offers the Sweetwater Trolley as a free transportation service to the public. Service runs on the half-hour to all of Sweetwater’s most popular locations such as Dolphin Mall, parks, Sweetwater Municipal Complex and FIU’s MMC campus. Operating hours are from 8 AM to 7 PM Monday through Friday and from 8:30 AM to 5 PM Saturday and Sunday.

Doral Trolley
The City of Doral operates the Doral Trolley as a convenient free transportation service with four routes that go to such popular destinations as City Place, Dolphin Mall, Downtown Doral and the Metrorail Stations. Operating hours are from 6 AM to 11 PM Monday through Friday for the FIU Connector Route 4.

North Miami Express
The NOMI Express is a free community bus service operating four routes within Miami and running Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM.



Recreation & Sports

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the gym open?

Yes! The FIU gym is called the Wellness and Recreation Center and it’s currently open by appointment. To schedule an appointment to work out, please click on the tile labeled “Facility Access”.

Whether you spend most of your time at MMC or BBC, there’s a fully equipped recreation center near you. Offering fitness classes, state-of-the-art gym equipment, adventure excursions and more, the Wellness & Recreation Centers have everything you need to live a fit, healthy lifestyle. When you participate in extracurricular activities like those offered through the Wellness & Recreation Center, you find opportunities for leadership, social and multicultural interaction, camaraderie, physical activity and stress reduction that you can’t find in the classroom.



Welcome to your G1Y Progression Guide
Major-specific Requirements for Progression out of G1Y

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I have to pay for my next term?

The good news is that after you finish the Global First Year program, you no longer have to pay up front for the whole year of tuition, housing, and dining. FIU will post your electronic bill online for your tuition after the class registration period has ended. If, for finance purposes, you need an estimate of your bill sooner, you can use FIU’s Tuition Calculator to estimate your payment amount.

Your bill is available online through your MyFIU student center. Payment is due by the add/drop deadline for each semester. For instructions on how to pay, click HERE.

How and when can I register for classes?

The best time to register is on your enrollment date. Currently enrolled degree-seeking students are given a time and day based on their classification and credit hours completed. Enrollment dates are earliest for graduate students then undergraduate students by earned credits in descending order (seniors first and freshmen last). After that, open registration begins and all degree-seeking students may register.

Classes fill up fast so pick classes early! Students can add or drop courses at any time between their enrollment date and the add/drop deadline without incurring fees so long as they are registered for a least 1 class before the first day of the semester.

To check your enrollment date, follow these steps:

  • Login to MyFIU.
  • Select ‘Manage Classes,’ then ‘Enrollment.’
  • From the dropdown choose ‘Enrollment Dates.’ Keep in mind enrollment dates cannot be changed.

How can I live on campus after Global First Year?

If you wish to live on campus after the Global First Year program has ended, you will need to be responsible for submitting your own housing application by the appropriate deadlines. All information about applying and submitting a housing agreement can be found on the FIU Housing Website.

Summer 2023 Completion:

As a student on their way to complete G1Y, there are certain steps each student needs to complete to successfully transition out of the program.

We’ve put together a video guide to assist you in this process.

Our completion guide includes the following information:

  1. Progression Requirements
  2. Documents required for progression
  3. Links to progression documents
  4. Deadline to submit all progression documents: July 14, 2023.

The link to our video guide is located at this link. Please watch the video in full to fully understand what is required from you.

The video will include links to the following forms:

If you have questions about this, please contact or

If you are transferring out of FIU after this semester, please email

We want you to be ready to continue with your desired major once you finish our program. Some colleges have certain requirements that indicate preparedness for specific majors. Therefore, several colleges at FIU have additional admission requirements in order for students to declare theirintended major or be admitted directly into a college.

If you do not meet the requirements to declare your major at the time of progression, the alternative major that will appear on your registration will be Interdisciplinary Studies. Please meet with your academic advisor, Jhonery Mendoza Farjun ( to discuss an action plan for you to declare your intended major or switch to a different major.

***Colleges routinely change their admission requirements. We recommend checking in with your Academic Advisor to get the most up-to-date requirements***

Majors with additional requirements as of June 15, 2023:

Collegeof Business
College of Engineering and Computing
College of Communication, Architecture and The Arts
Business Analytics
Human Resource Management
International Business
Management Information Systems
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Real Estate
Elecrical Engineering
Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Interdisciplinary Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Computer Science BS
Construction Management
Internet of Things
Computer Science BA
Information Technology

Public Relations, Advertising And Applied Communications
Digital Journalism
Digital & Interactive Media
Digital Communications And Media Production
Digital Communications And Media
Digital Communications And Media/Multimedia
Specific Requirements
Students must have a 2.0 GPA and a 2.5 average GPA in the business prerequisite courses which include ECO 2013, ECO 2023, STA 2023, MAC 2233, CGS 2100/2060/2518, ACG 2021, and ACG 3301.
Students must have MAC2311 (Calculus I) passed. Students must have started in MAC1147 or higher during their first term.

Students must be Calculus I ready. They must have passed MAC1147.

Students must have a passing grade in a math class. They may progress if MAC1105 is completed.

Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.85.

Center for Academic Success

Do you need to improve your writing skills or study habits? Do you need help preparing for an exam or presentation? Maybe you just have a question and don’t know who to ask? Our friendly online tutors and counselors are here to support you! Schedule a free Zoom session with one of our Academic Skills or Subject Area Tutors (see options below) and gain the confidence and skills to succeed in your undergraduate and graduate classes. Email for more information.
Meet Your Tutors
Watch CAS Webinars On-Demand
Skills covered in the Academic skills tutoring sessions
Skills covered in the Math/Computer Science skills tutoring sessions

Academic Skills Tutors

Alicia Coe

Jessica Wakelyn

My name is Jessica Wakelyn. I started my voyage into languages by studying many major European languages during my time studying and performing as an opera singer. Upon graduation with a double major in Vocal Performance and English, I decided to earn a master’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Virginia. In my master’s, I studied languages from all continents and ancient languages like Old English and Old Mayan. I started in the university by teaching English Composition to U.S. university students, but found I really loved teaching international students. I’ve taught governors from Turkey, physicists from Iran, epidemiologists from China, a lot of undergraduate and graduate students—and now, hopefully, you!

Amanda Wilcox

Fatemeh Bordbarjavidi

I am Fatemeh Bordbarjavidi. I hold a Ph.D. from Iowa State University and a Master’s in TESOL from the University of Northern Iowa. I’m passionate about the blend of Applied Linguistics and Technology. Originally from Tehran, Iran, I studied English Language and Literature, which broadened my global perspective on language and culture. I taught EFL courses in Iran. During my grad studies in United States, I taught ESL courses at Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa, focusing on language skills. I also taught an introduction to linguistics course at Indiana State University, helping students understand linguistics and language better. For four rewarding years, I contributed to the Online Professional English Network (OPEN) programs, shaping language skills and professional journeys.

Sedighe Zamani Roodsari

Bianca Coria

I am Bianca Coria. I have eight years of experience teaching English at various levels in Asia and the United States. I currently work as an English instructor and course developer, and I hold certifications in TESOL, TEFL, and TEYL. I have experience working with students of all ages, from toddlers to adults from various backgrounds. In addition to enjoying my career, I also enjoy meeting new people, visiting new places, tasting new foods, and spending time with my family. I love working with students, and I strive to create a positive and enjoyable environment. I look forward to working with you.

Sedighe Zamani Roodsari

Summer Peixoto

I am Summer Peixoto. With over two decades of teaching and training experience at the university level, I am a passionate educator deeply committed to international education. Throughout my career, I have contributed greatly by creating educational technology interest sections, supporting colleagues in professional development, and advocating for international students and teachers, which is evidenced by my current role as a Specialist and an Ambassador for the US Department of State’s English Language Programs. In my free time, I play tennis, listen to music from different countries, travel, and podcast. I adore working with students in learning academic skills for reading, vocabulary, and note-taking, and my ultimate goal is to set students up for a lifetime of success!

Sedighe Zamani Roodsari

Sarah Munchinski

I am Sarah Munchinski. I am currently pursuing my PHD in Education Policy while working for Shorelight. Initially, my journey teaching was focused on working with multilingual K-12 students though I made the transition to working in higher education two years ago. I’m passionate about researching best practices in the English educational field and have presented my original publications at multiple conferences in the United States and abroad. I hold a Master’s degree in TESOL from the University of Washington and a Dual Bachelors degree in English Education and TESL.

Math/Computer Science Tutor

Dipen Bhuva

Dipen Bhuva

I am Dipen Bhuva. I have a PhD in Computer Science from Cleveland State University and have a master’s degree from Northeastern University in Information Security. I am a certified Network+ by CompTIA, Certified Ethical Hacker, RH-11 Expert Hacker, RedHat Server Certified Engineering and am Amazon Web Service (Cloud) certified. For my “extraordinary dedication and teaching,” I was granted an “excellent achievement for Graduate Assistantship” from CSU. I will be happy to help with any problems and solutions related to math (all levels and courses) and computer science (Programming, Networking, Server engineering, Cloud, Statistics, and Cyber Security).

Dipen Bhuva

Mostafa Omar

I am Mostafa Omar. I have master’s in Computer Science and master’s in Business Administration in addition to over 13 years’ work experience in the telecom sector. I have worked in different domains, including data network, telecommunication, and cloud service. I’m also certified by various technology vendors. I have had many teaching assistance positions during my studies as I enjoy teaching and communicating with students about math and computer science and all related domains.

CAS Social Skills: How to Make American Friends

CAS Academic Skills: Boosting Academic Vocabulary in Your Writing

CAS Academic Skills: How to Write a Great Thesis in Four Simple Steps

CAS Computer Science Skills: Introduction to Python

CAS Social Skills: Culture Shock and Mental Health

CAS Academic Skills: How to Create Coherence & Cohesion in Your Paragraphs

CAS Social Skills: Financial Matters in Your University Studies

CAS Social Skills: Communicating with Professors

CAS Career Skills: Understanding CPT and OPT

CAS Academic Skills: How to Give an Engaging Presentation

CAS Academic Skills: Paraphrasing Made Easy

CAS Computer Science Skills: Python Lesson 2: Variables & Data Types

CAS Academic Skills: Time Management

  • Academic writing – generating ideas, organizing, summarizing, paraphrasing, revising/editing
  • Research skills: Finding credible sources and academic articles
  • Understanding academic integrity; avoiding plagiarism
  • MLA & APA citations and format
  • Academic presentation preparation and practice
  • Time management – weekly planning, semester-long planning
  • Reading strategies
  • Note-taking skills
  • Test preparation strategies
  • Class and groupwork participation strategies
  • Discussion skills
  • Grammar rules and practice
  • Academic communication etiquette – emails, office hours, requesting letters of recommendation
  • Business writing – emails, reports, meeting summaries
  • Career development – resume and cover letter writing
  • Building math confidence for students who struggle with math
  • General and Foundational Math help at any level
  • Calculus including Calc 1 and Calc 2
  • Algebra and Linear Algebra
  • Discrete Math
  • Topology
  • Category Theory
  • Algorithms
  • Differential Equations
  • Programming, Networking, and Server Engineering
  • Cloud, Statistics, and Cyber Security

Student Health Insurance

Health insurance through Global FIU student health insurance plan (provided by Wellfleet) auto-renews every year.

If you are a student who has insurance through Global FIU’s student health insurance plan and you wish to renew, then please complete this form indicating your preferred option (Cancel or Renew) FIU Global First Year Insurance Re-Enrollment ( (In addition to enrollment in your current policy, you will also receive the added benefits of vision and dental insurance. The details of your plan can be found here)

**If you do have private insurance that meets university standards and would prefer to use this insurance over Global FIU student health insurance plan, please send an email to Global FIU Student Services Director at to let them know. Failure to provide this information will result in your continued enrollment in Global FIU’s insurance plan.

For further details about benefits and coverage, please check the following links:


1) FIU Global Student Health Insurance Plan | University Health Plans, Inc.

How Your Plan Works at the FIU Student Health Clinic FIU-Student-Health-Center.pdf (

Understanding U.S. Health Insurance FIU_HealthInsuranceGuide-1920.pdf (

2) Student Health Plan Account Wellfleet Student – My Account (

Your Benefits FIU-Benefits-Summary-2223.pdf (

Provider Search FIU Global Student Health Insurance Plan | University Health Plans, Inc.


Pharmacy Benefits Using Your Benefits – Wellfleet Rx

Prescription Pharmacy List Pharmacy Network – Wellfleet Rx

3) Dental Insurance

Dental Providers FIU Global Student Health Insurance Plan | University Health Plans, Inc.

4) Vision Insurance

Benefit Information Pageflex Server [document: PF7561882_00001] (

Vision Provider Search Find an Eye Doctor Near Me | Optometrists & Ophthalmologists (

Vision ID Lookup FIU | University Health Plans, Inc.

5) Worldwide Travel Assistance Services SR Travel Assistance/ Travel Guard Flyer – SHIP (063021) FINAL (

6) Frequently Asked Questions Florida International University Student Health Insurance Plan FAQs | University Health Plans, Inc.

Should you have any questions, please contact University Health Plans at 800-437-6448 and a representative will be happy to assist you.


Placement Testing

Global First Year has two different types of assessments that will occur before you start your program. Before you take the ALEKS or the PERT, you will need to make sure that you can log into your MyFIU account.

ALEKS Mathematics Assessment
(Note: take the ALEKS BEFORE arrival and orientation)

  • The ALEKS assessment tests your current math level. This assessment is solely for students who intend to study in majors in Business, Science, Technology or Mathematics. You can either place in College Algebra, Business Calculus, or Calculus I depending on your major math track.


  • For a general overview of the ALEKS test please visit the website: For an overview of how FIU uses ALEKS for placement, please visit the website:
  • You are required to take the ALEKS assessment before arriving onto campus and before orientation, and you will receive an email from the team with the link, the ALEKS code that is unique to you, and instructions how to take the test remotely.
  • ALEKS uses an online proctoring (invigilation) service that has a small fee of $5 – you will need to pay using an international credit card or Paypal. If you have any issues with payment of the fee please let us know in advance.
  • Take some time now to familiarize yourself with the ALEKS Remote Instructions Tutorial. The link to take the ALEKS exam is:; remember you will be sent the code and clear instructions what to do in advance.
  • If you fail to take the ALEKS in advance of arrival and fail to respond to emails from the team you MAY be subject to a late fee charge of $250. Please don’t worry – as long as you communicate with us if you are having any difficulties completing the assessment or have issues with payment, we can help you.
  • If you do not take the ALEKS placement test in time, or if you prefer not to take it, or you test lower than you expected, you will automatically be enrolled into MAC1105 in your first semester.

PERT – Reading and Writing Assessment (if applicable)


  • The PERT assessment covers your English reading and writing skills. Not all students will be required to take the PERT, but if you are required to take the PERT, you must first do the steps to set up your FIU Account and university email.
  • After you have successfully set up your FIU account, you will need to register for the PERT test in the FIU Testing Center’s online system. Please click here for instructions on how to register for the PERT assessment. Once you have registered, you will receive an email from the University Testing Center with further testing instructions.
  • When you receive the email in your FIU university email, follow the instructions, watch the following video tutorial, and download HonorLock so that you are ready to take the PERT assessment.

Important Dates

Application Deadline:

December 7, 2023

I-20 Transfer Deadline:

December 7, 2023

Payment Deadline:

December 20, 2023

Move-in Date:

January 3, 2024