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Hear why these international students chose FIU and what their experience is like so far.

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Himanshi, India

Major: Psychology and Public Relations (Undergraduate)

“The Global First year program provides everything an international student needs to adjust to life in the United States. The Global First year staff have helped me get used to the new culture here and make Miami feel like my home. They are like my family here, I know I can reach out to them for help anytime and they will help me, without hesitation.”
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Ammar, Saudi Arabia

Major: Management Information Systems (Graduate)

"One interesting experience I’ve had at FIU is living on campus in the dorms. I wasn’t expecting all my neighbors to [be] the same age and have similar interests. Within the first week I made a lot of friends and joined a lot of clubs."
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Bofan, China

Major: Management Information Systems (Graduate)

"Being an international student at FIU is not hard. Before I came here, I heard that Miami is a diverse city, but it still shocked me when I flew to FIU and I found international students from everywhere in the world."
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Ramon, Venezuela

Major: Education (Undergraduate)

"When I got to know what FIU was, I couldn’t be happier. [...] I work for FIU Parking, Sustainability & Transportation in the Parking Services division. I drive the golf carts [around campus] and for me it is a wonderful experience because I get to know a lot of people. I love my job, it’s a way to pay it forward at FIU."
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Elizabeth, Brazil

Major: Hospitality (Undergraduate)

"I wanted to study at FIU because I found out that they have one of the best Hospitality schools in the country. Within a year I have gotten so many opportunities. I’ve become Chair of the Student Hospitality Leadership Council. Through that I’ve gotten opportunities to be a culinary lead for the South Beach Wine and Food festival. By being involved with these organizations on campus, my confidence level has increased dramatically."
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Nisha, St. Maarten

Major: Biology (Undergraduate)

"FIU really caters to International students. There are students from 152 countries here and the International Student office is really helpful. They will guide you through your entire FIU process and after your FIU process, if you want to get a job they will help you. FIU has shown me life outside my little bubble, which I really appreciate and I’ve grown to love."

"The people from Global First Year assisted me from application to the day I arrived on campus, and I really appreciate it. It’s not common to find such a great people and an immediate help in a huge university like FIU. Plus, the business program at FIU is great!"

Anna, Italy

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