FIU Global First Year Housing and Dining Form

Age may also determine which housing options are available to the student:

Students 16 years of age by December 15 will be required to live in Option F: Essential Housing for Spring 2023.

Students of 17 years of age by December 15 are required to live in Option A: Standard Housing in Spring 2023 and may be assigned to Option F: Essential Housing.

Spring 2023 Cut-Off | December 15, 2022

Summer 2023 Cut-Off | April 15, 2023

'Deposit ID' is the eight (8) digit number found on the third page of your conditional offer letter in the Payment Instruction Section. Be sure to include all zeros at the beginning of the number.

All Global First Year students are guaranteed housing as part of the program. Living in program housing will enhance your university experience and is required.*

The Global First Year at Florida International University seeks your feedback to place you in housing that is the best fit for your needs and lifestyle. Please submit this Housing Preference Form with the other forms sent with your Conditional Acceptance Packet.  Please note that while housing is guaranteed, we cannot promise we will be able to match each student with their preferred housing option.

To complete the form, put “1st” next to your first choice for housing type. Put “2nd” next to your second choice for housing type. Put “3rd” next to your third choice for housing type. Put "4th" next to your fourth choice. Put "5th" for your 5th choice. Please note if you do not complete and submit this form, you will be randomly assigned to housing.

Please note:  

All students will start in Housing Option C for the Summer semester only and then move to Housing Option A or B in Fall. Since your housing will be assigned by FIU closer to the time of your arrival. If you are assigned to a less expensive option, an adjustment will be made to your account. In addition, we can not guarantee any roommate requests.

To view our Housing and Dining Options, please click here.

Please note that the assigned Housing on your Statement of Fees may not be your final Housing assignment. If the final assignment is less expensive than the one paid for, the student is eligible for a refund of the difference. Please see the policy on general refunds here item 30.

On-Campus Housing
Your First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Preference
Housing Options
Option A: Standard Housing
Option B: Global Housing
Option C: Premium Housing
Option E: Premium Campus - Adjacent Housing
Option F: Essential Housing
Your First, Second, Third and Fourth  Preference
Dining Options
Option A: The Essential Meal Plan
Option B: The Deluxe Meal Plan
Option C: The VIP Meal Plan
Option D: The Ultimate Meal Plan
Career Premium
What Is Career Premium? 

As an add-on program to Shorelight’s Career Services, Premium enables students to take additional courses that lead to certificates, attend exclusive training workshops, and be matched with virtual internship opportunities.
Learn More about Career Premium Services HERE

Option A: I would like to enroll in the Career Premium Program: $2,000 one-time payment
Option B: I am not interested at this time: $0

The completion of this form is a condition of your acceptance.

You will be notified of your housing placement before arrival.

* Review the Terms and Conditions HERE for more information about this requirement.

Important Dates

Payment Deadline:

April 20, 2023

Move-in Date:

May 4, 2023