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Panther Profile: Srishti Jaiswal, India

Headshot of Srishti Jaiswal

Global First Year student from India, Srishti Jaiswal

Journalism major and Global First Year student from India, Srishti Jaiswal, shares her Global First Year experience and thoughts on Miami and FIU!

Safety at FIU:

The campus feels very safe. I am always walking around with my friends and we feel very secure. Also, it is great because things are so close to the dorms, so we don’t have to walk very far to go where we need to. For example, the health center is a five-minute walk from my dorm, so when I don’t feel well or need some medicine, it is a safe and easy walk to go see a doctor.


Food at FIU:

There really is something for everyone at FIU. I have friends from all over the world and we can all find something we like to eat. Usually we eat at Fresh Food on campus between classes, where I can have a salad or a sandwich for lunch. Sometimes I go to the Indian market, Spice N Curry, because it is a ten-minute walk from campus and I can find foods from home there. I also found a great restaurant near campus called Tasca de España, it is half-Spanish/half-Indian. It sounds Spanish, but the owner is actually from Mumbai, so he makes all my favorite foods like butter chicken and garlic naan!


Classes at FIU:

I feel challenged at FIU, but in a good way. It’s not easy, but it also is not difficult to succeed. I love my teachers and they really work with you to help you. Even in big classes, they really focus on each student individually and they are very understanding and helpful, especially if you are having problems with the language. There are also tutors to help you and make sure you pass your tests and classes!


FIU & Miami:

Things run really smoothly here! Everyone is amazing – on campus and in Miami! So friendly, nice, genuine, calm and helpful. The weather is fantastic – never too cold and usually very sunny and warm. I love going downtown or to the beach. The beaches here are so clean and colorful!


Global First Year:

I don’t know where I would be without the Global First Year staff. They have given us a strong foundation here at FIU and have helped us with everything. They set up everything for us and planned really fun bonding activities like a ropes course, a Miami Heat game and even massages and meditation right before finals! It was also great to meet with an advisor every week, because we could talk about anything – classes, things on campus, housing, food and even personal things.


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