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A Global FIU Halloween

A group of FIU Global students at Halloween event

Here at Global FIU, we celebrated Halloween with a week’s worth of fun activities aimed at giving the Global First Year students a taste of how we celebrate this fun time of the year here in the USA! Trick-or-treating isn’t a common tradition in any of the countries our students hail from, and students enjoyed their first taste!

On Monday night, the student services team went “reverse trick or treating” in the dorms. We knocked on doors and surprised students with Halloween goody bags filled with treats and an invitation to attend an outing to a Haunted House and Halloween-themed amusement park.

“I didn’t know what to say! I’ve never seen this before,” said Global First Year student Ami Cai. “We don’t celebrate Halloween at all in China!”

a student dressed up as a ghost


On Wednesday night, 28 students joined the Student Services team for a night out at “House of Horror,” a Halloween themed amusement park a few miles from campus that featured a Haunted House, carnival rides, good eats and even hosted world-famous DJ, Calvin Harris just two nights later!

Most of the Global First Year students had never been to a typical American amusement park before. They ate a lot of cotton candy, took plenty of pictures and got scared in the Haunted House, which was the favorite part for most of the students – though they were divided over how scary the haunted house actually was!

three students smiling outside

 “It was so cool to see an amusement park like this. We don’t have this at all in my country and I’ve only seen something like it in the movies,” said Boriykhon Safiev, from Uzbekistan.

three students smiling by a ferris wheel


Most of the Global First Year students continued the festivities on Halloween night, taking advantage of all the fun holiday activities Miami has to offer. Many attended costume parties with their friends and a group of our students went people/costume watching on Lincoln Road – a well-known spot on Miami Beach to eat, shop, see and be seen.

“People celebrate Halloween in Venezuela – but not like this! This has definitely been my best Halloween ever!” said Global First Year student, Maria Pappagallo.

a group of students standing in a group smiling

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