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Global First Year students participate in FIU “Speak Off”


Earlier this month, three Global First Year students participated in the FIU “Speak Off.” The biannual event hosted by the FIU Communication Arts department is designed to showcase the talents of public speaking students.

The competition gives students the opportunity to show off their oratorical skills and inspire others through the power of their words. Competitors are provided with a topic related to communication and then prepare a 4-6 minute speech accordingly.

Finalists are chosen by the Public Speaking faculty, who go on to deliver their speeches to a large audience of their professors and peers at the Speak-Off. This past month’s event was attended by more than 100 people.

Global First Year student, Astrid Guevara, from Honduras, was chosen by her public speaking professor to participate, based on a speech she gave in class.

“I was so nervous, I did not expect to be chosen to participate. But, I was really excited that I got the opportunity,” said Guevara.

Presenting a speech on the evolution of communication, Guevara prepared for the compeition by practicing her hand gestures, eye contact, and vocabulary, as well as refining the content of her speech.

Guevara placed second in the competition, behind fellow Global First Year student Sofya Akulshina, from Russia.

“Participating in the speak-off gave me a lot of confidence in public speaking! Now, I feel so much more comfortable and sure of myself communicating in English, which is not my first language,” said Guevara.

student participating in speak off

Professor giving a presentation about global communication

student participating in speak off about the evolution of communication

student participating in speak off presenting about internet privacy

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