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How to Beat New School Nervousness


Admit it – even if you’re excited about studying internationally, you’re also a bit scared.

Luckily, you’re not alone. We asked international students what their top concerns were about studying abroad, and how they conquered those fears. Here’s how you can turn new school nervousness into new school success.


If You’re Nervous About a New Culture

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Welcome! You can approach new teaching styles, new food and new personalities as intimidating fears or exciting opportunities. To make the most of studying in the USA, embrace what’s different. You won’t love everything, but you will learn a lot and grow as a person.

Tip: Go outside your comfort zone. It’s tempting to hide in your room and focus on what’s similar, but discovery is a big advantage of studying internationally. Be open to new things and you’ll have so many fun experiences and stories to share.


If You’re Nervous About Missing Home

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It can be tough for new students to adapt to being away from home. Remember this is a normal feeling and that it gets easier with time. While you adjust, stay in touch with friends and family, and stay busy at school with studying and meeting new people so you can get into a rhythm at school.

Tip: Use technology to help you stay close. From Skype video chats to email to free texting apps like WhatsApp, you can easily stay connected with friends and family around the world.


If You’re Nervous About Making New Friends

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It’s not just about missing your friends back home. What if you don’t meet some cool new friends too? Everyone is in the same situation freshman year, so don’t worry. Attend school events. Say yes when people ask if you want to hang out. Give yourself a fair chance to meet friends and it will happen in time.

Tip: Be yourself. You might be worried no one will understand you. But remember the fact that you’re studying internationally is interesting and cool to others. So embrace your differences and you’ll make the right friends for you.


If You’re Nervous About Having a Roommate

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What if your college roommate is weird? What if you’re the weird one?! Living with someone else can be stressful.  You’ll probably get along with your roommate. You migt even wind up as good friends. But if not, as long as you guys can get live together peacefully, that’s the important thing.

Tip: If you’re unsure how to bring up or resolve an issue with a roommate, chat with your resident assistant. He or she can give you some advice on how to handle the situation.


If You’re Nervous About Living on Your Own

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For most students, college is where they first start doing many things on their own. You’re not just learning about math, history and other school subjects – you’re also learning how to be self-reliant in life.

Tip: Remember that there are no stupid questions. So go ahead, ask a fellow student how to use the laundry machines. Talk to your advisor for advice on what classes to take. Call your concierge services phone number for help with setting up your bank account.


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