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Advice for a Good Start at FIU – G1Y Student Voice


In a few weeks, there will be new international students coming to join us at FIU. After a year of study at FIU, I found some tips that can help you make a better life in the university:

First, you need to join the orientation week! It will be so helpful. In that week, you will get know the school. The advisors will take you around the school and show you some important buildings, such as the Green Library, the Graham University Center (which has a lot of restaurants), and the Primera Casa, where you can find the Global First Year’s office.

Second, you can download two apps. One is called “FIU Mobile” and the other one is called “Mobile ID.” The first one has three main parts. On the home page you can find some restaurants that are open at that time. The second part is you can log in to “my FIU.” The third one is a map of FIU. You can find the buildings you need to go on that map easily. “Mobile ID,” is an app that can help students who live on campus. If you forget to bring your ID card with you and you can’t get into your door, you can use this app to open the door for you. It is convenient and makes life simple.

Third, join the events. It was the best way to assimilate into the university life. You can meet different people from different countries. You will not feel alone.

Last, make a schedule for yourself. You need to manage your time before starting classes. You can make a list of the things you need to do on weekends. Reasonable use of time means you can both have study time and play time.

Hope those tips can help you in the future. Looking forward to your arrival!

Guest written by Freshmen G1Y student


 Hospitality Management major from China