Global First Year 2

The Global First Year 2-term program is designed specifically for international students with an advanced level of English-language proficiency who also want the academic, cultural, professional and linguistic support they need to thrive at FIU. The program features a robust advising and college life coaching component, as well as priority access to the most exclusive, in-demand courses. Upon completion of the program, students progress into year 2 of their undergraduate education with a full year’s worth of academic credits.

Benefits Include:
  • Earn a full first year’s worth of academic credits while taking courses tailored to your needs as an international student
  • English-language instruction designed around your academic needs
  • English-language labs and workshops designed for you to improve your academic, social and professional language skills
  • Unique G1Y opportunities such as the career accelerator program, the UNESCO Global Citizenship course and the G1Y Orientation Leadership Career Accelerator program and opportunities to work as an orientation leader for future Global First Year Students

Program Details

Program Details
Program Length
Credits Earned
Toward Degree
2 semesters Flexible 26 – 28 Standard Progression** Year 2


*Some FIU majors and colleges may require a higher GPA and additional coursework for admission into their programs. Students are notified of higher GPA requirements upon arrival.

**Varies by degree program.

Entry Requirements

To apply for the FIU Global First Year 2, you should meet the following qualifications:

Entry Requirements
GPA Minimum Minimum TOEFL® Minimum IELTS™ Minimum Pearson Versant™ Minimum Password
Only one of the scores below required
 2.8 68+
no subscore below 14
no subscore below 5.0
no subscore below 42
no subscore below 5.0

Don’t meet these requirements? The Global First Year 3 or Pre-Sessional English program might be a better fit for you.

Sample Curriculum

Semester 1 Semester 2
  • First Year Experience
  • ENC 1930 (English Composition)
  • English Global Learning II (English Composition Lab)
  • Microeconomics
  • Public Speaking
  • Mathematics Course (determined by test scores and major)
  • ENC 1101 (English Composition)
  • English Global Learning III (English Composition Lab)
  • Macroeconomics
  • Natural Science Course
  • Natural Science Lab
  • Mathematics Course

Build Your Career Before It Even Begins.

Included in the Global First Year program, the Career Accelerator is a 2-year program focused on professional development. Learn valuable skills. Gain real world experience. Customize your experience to fit your goals. Stand out when you apply for jobs.

Interested in Additional English-Language Support?

Some international students want to get even better with English before they start the Global First Year program. That’s why we offer the Pre-Sessional English add-on. With additional English-language assistance, you’ll feel more comfortable in American classrooms.

You're Ready for the Challenge

And we’ll help. We simplify the Global First Year Program application process for you, so you can focus on becoming the best international student you can be.