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Summer Orientation

Group of female FIU students during orientation

Last week, we welcomed 16 new international students to the Global FIU family! This is a very diverse cohort, representing 12 different countries – some of which are new to the Global FIU program such as: Sweden, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Within the group we have nine females and seven males.

5 new Gloal FIU students smiling

Orientation activities included: moving into the dorms, a welcome pizza party, a Math placement exam, an English placement exam, campus tours, registering for classes, presentations, group meals and a shopping trip to Target!

Two Global FIU students smiling in front of target

When asked what he is most excited about this year, Ukrainian student Yegor Nepokryty said, “To make new friends and meet people from all over the world, to learn about their cultures and share this amazing experience together. Also to learn a lot and be challenged in my classes.”

Ukrainian student Yegor Nepok

After a whirlwind first week together, our new students became fast friends! On their first Friday night in Miami, a group of our students decided to head to Lincoln Road in Miami Beach for some people watching, dinner and more bonding time together in their new home of Miami!

Global FIU students smiling around a table together





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