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Staff Profile: Lukas Calafell, Student Services Advisor


Lukas Calafell, Student Services Advisor at FIU Global First Year, helps students transition and adjust to their new environment. He’s committed to seeing our Global First Year students thrive in Miami and he’s sharing some of his insights into the daily activities of a Student Services Advisor.


What do you do on a daily basis?

“Whatever is needed to help students! Mostly helping students navigate academics and housing, as well as of course various processes and paperwork that students might need assistance with, for example immunization forms for the health center or even accompanying students to the airport to fill out immigration documents. Orientation and student activities/events are also clearly big parts of the job as well.”

Lukas Calafell laughing with a group of students

What is your favorite memory from a Global First Year event or activity?

“I really enjoy taking students to the zoo, which we do as an annual trip. There was one time where a couple of the students wanted to rent one of those bikes that sits a bunch of people. We got the bike and everybody on and drove rode around the zoo checking out all the exhibits. Somehow, I ended up doing most of the driving, but we had a really nice time.”

Lukas Calafell driving a buggie

What is your favorite part about working with students?

“I truly enjoy helping students find answers and resolve issues. My belief is that these four years of university have the potential to be the best four years of their lives, and I want to help make sure that is the case for as many of them as possible. The end of the journey is graduation from FIU, but the first year of college sets the tone for the following three years. My hope if to get them through their first year as successfully and happily as possible, so that things continue to run smoothly for the following three years.”

Lukas Calafell with a student who is holding a certificate of progression

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