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Our Spring 2016 Students Progress!

FIU Global Spring 2016 progression ceremony

Last Thursday night, over 50 of our Global First Year students, who started at FIU this past spring, progressed successfully into their second year at university!

Two students smiling

“Progressing” means that students have successfully completed their first year of college at FIU and are ready to move onto their sophomore year! It’s not an easy feat moving to a foreign country, adapting to a new language and culture, adjusting to a new education system, AND successfully passing all your classes! So, the Global First Year team took an evening to celebrate these successful students with a dinner reception, awards and a pinning ceremony.

A student smiling with two staff members

Global First Year students Ana Pacella and Mazin Al Jabri addressed their classmates and thanked the Global First Year team for their support. They spoke about the bonds that they created with each other since the first day they arrived on campus and the tight knit family they have become.

A student speaking

Newly progressed students will get a quick break from their studies (about two weeks) in which many of them will return to their home countries to spend time with family. They will be back on campus for the start of the fall semester in August. This year, a bit more independent as they have moved through the Global First Year program. Though, many of them will be living with fellow Global First Year classmates/friends as the bonds they created their freshman year endure!

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