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Ramadan: Communion as One – G1Y Student Voice

FIU Global students at a Muslim Communities Association of S event

Many of us have heard about Ramadan and have a general idea as to what it entails. We know that people of the Islamic faith take the time to fast, but not many of us actually know why they do so. I, being of the Christian faith, was once oblivious to all of this until I accompanied my friends to the mosque to witness them break their fast and eat together. There, where we ate, is where I learned more about Ramadan and Islam. Just being in the mosque and witnessing them as they gave their prayers made me realize that there is more to it than I thought. I learned that Islam means peace, and the entire idea behind Ramadan is to sacrifice food in order to focus on God, reflect on His teachings, and also reflect on yourself as a person. Just listening to them speak made me step back and think about how I get caught up in day-to-day work and forget that I am neglecting the driving force of my words and actions: my spirit. So going to the mosque not only helped me gain a better understanding of Islam, it also taught me that peace and love should be driving forces in our lives, and that we should take the time to meditate and be one with ourselves (and God) so that we may spread love, peace, and hope to a world that is so full of hatred, anger, and bitterness.

Guest written by Freshman G1Y student –


Computer Science major from Zimbabwe