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Catching up with a Progressed Student!


This week on the blog, we’re catching up with one of our progressed students! Kat is a junior (third year) at FIU now. She progressed from the Global First Year (G1Y) program in Summer 2016 and she’s telling us what she’s up to now, how G1Y prepared her for the rest of her time at FIU, and if she still hangs out with the friends she met her first year!

Khanh Tran, Vietnam, International Business major

Picture of Khanh Tran

How’s everything going?

KT: “Busy, but great! I have a job on campus this summer working at the Office of Graduate and International Admissions/Recruitment, I am also an international student ambassador, and just got back from a trip to Purdue University for the National Residence Hall Honorary Society. Oh, and I’m taking summer classes too!”

That’s a lot going on! What else are you involved in?!

KT: “Actually, my favorite organization I’m involved in is the Student Programming Council. We plan fun events on campus for each week like concerts, lectures, comedy shows, etc.”

How did the G1Y prepare you for the rest of your time at FIU?

KT: “It’s really nice because even though I’m not technically part of the G1Y program anymore, the office still feels like home to me. I know I still have help when I need it and people I can turn to, that is a really nice feeling as an international student.”

How was your G1Y experience overall, looking back now?

KT: “I feel like the program gave me a head start at the university and opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise, like taking the Global Competency Course (GCC) and being a GOL (G1Y orientation leader), so I’m really grateful.”

How has life at FIU been since progressing?

KT: “Well, classes have gotten harder, I’ve had to become more responsible, and I’ve gotten more involved.”

Are you still friends with the people you met through G1Y?

KT: “Very much so!”

What advice would you give international students arriving on campus and starting the G1Y program?

KT: “Get involved and become a part of things, you won’t feel alone if you do that. Don’t worry about fitting in here, Miami is very diverse, so is FIU, so lots of people are from different countries. People here embrace that! Give your best effort, and things will come together!

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