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Panther Profile: Idara Akpan

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Global First Year student from Nigeria: Idara Akpan

Meet Global First Year student from Nigeria: Idara Akpan

Why FIU: When I started looking at universities, something about FIU just drew me in. It looked so tropical, interesting and really fun! The campus is beautiful and the school is in Miami – who doesn’t want to live in Miami?

FIU Experience: I love the housing accommodations here at FIU! The rooms are spacious, I have a kitchen in my room I can cook in, and I get along great with my roommates! One of them is from Maryland and the other is from Texas. It has been great to meet people from across the United States in addition to my Global First Year friends! My roommates and I cook together and do things on the weekends.

Campus Involvement: I’ve gotten really involved at FIU and have made a lot of friends that way! I joined a photography club as well as some Christian organizations. Being involved makes me really feel part of the FIU community and has given me a way to pursue my interests here in Miami.

Miami Fun: I’m actually learning Spanish now that I live here in Miami! The language is such a huge part of the culture here, so I want to take advantage of that and add another language to my list! My Global First Year friends from South America are helping me. We text each other in Spanish or talk in Spanish while we are grabbing lunch at Fresh Foods.

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