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I Am A Citizen of The World – G1Y Student Voice


“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.” -Unknown

How paradoxical it is to say a person can claim his place, thousands miles away from where he/she was born, a home away from home. This is definitely the case for me. My name is Anna and I come from Russia. I graduated from high school in the state of Vermont and it is my fourth year in the United States. Currently, I am a proud Global First Year student at FIU whose intended major is Biology. I am a part of the Global Leaders Outreach Workgroup (GLOW) team,  a Career Accelerator Program (CAP) supporting leader, and a Hall Council active member.

Over these four years of my life in the United States, I have realized how big of a role international community plays on my energy, mood, and character. You will never see a day when I am upset or when I do not laugh and have fun with my friends in the Global First Year office. It is an incredible feeling to always see my friends there and to know I can do my homework without stressing out. Although, I get super excited when I see new faces too, because networking is a huge part of success wherever you are. I have never given up on my international crew. That’s for sure!

Seeing other international students who have experienced their first year in college really presented me the final verdict on how hard it would be to integrate if I had never been in the Global First Year program. A lot of international students during their freshman year face loneliness and idleness due to the lack of resources and connections, since it can be hard initially to navigate such an enormous campus at FIU. Their major mistake is not being out there and being a part of FIU.

Being in Global First Year Program allowed me to see that there is so much to explore and to do at FIU. One of the first steps that I took was joining the Career Accelerator Program which transformed my mindset and mademe take prompt actions towards finding my path and figuring out what I want to do in life. I have already managed to apply for an international admissions part-time job and I’m looking forward to the response. It is very important for me to experience having a job in the United States because it is fundamental for my success. Moreover, after finishing Career Accelerator program, I was privileged to join CAP lead team and actually make an impact on structure of programs to better the experience of upcoming international students. As a Biology major, my goal right now is to join the Beta Beta Beta organization or the American Chemical Society.

Apart from all of the schoolwork and different pursuits, I get to relax at FIU. My favorite place to hang out on campus is Vicky’s Cafe where I chill with my friends sometimes. In Miami, I got to experience Indian food in restaurants such as Ashoka and Tasca. Also, the Wynwood Arts District in midtown Miami  is an amazing art district and the perfect place for photos. In GLOW, my teammates and I get to organize events for international students and invigorate the program with new ideas. Global First Year students get to go to Miami Heat basketball games, DisneyWorld, Busch Gardens, kayaking and much more.

I can not believe that my freshmen year could be so eventful and so dense with opportunities. It really makes me feel like I have accomplished so much already!


Guest Written by G1Y Freshman


Biology major from Russia 

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