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Hungry for Variety? Here’s How to Find Good Places to Eat

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Want to explore your new city and new cuisines? From local specialties to cuisine from around the world, America has a lot to offer you when you’re hungry. With some help from Hunger Games star (and lover of food) Jennifer Lawrence, here are four great tips for going beyond just the dining hall!

1. Check Out Reviews

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Why? Reading reviews of restaurants, cafes and other dining places is great for several reasons. First, you discover what’s popular nearby. Second, you get to learn more about various options before spending money. And third, you get inspiration for when you’re hungry but don’t know what you want.


How? There are many websites with lots of restaurant reviews. Some, like TripAdvisor or Yelp, are national and even have a convenient app for your smartphone. Others might be more local, like a food blog from someone who lives in the area too.

2. Sign Up for Daily Deals

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Why? Daily deal websites offer discounts on local restaurants and other fun stuff. For instance, you might pay $15 and get a voucher worth $30 at a nearby sushi restaurant. These kinds of sites are helpful because you save money, plus you discover interesting things in your town.


How? Websites like Groupon and Living Social make it easy to sign up for daily email alerts. You get the latest limited-time offers right in your inbox. When you see something you like, pay for it and then you can print out your voucher or just show them your voucher on your phone.

3. Ask Other Students

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Why? Asking for recommendations is a great way to discover new things. After all, if someone you know already likes it, there’s a decent chance you will too. This is especially helpful if you’re asking someone who grew up nearby or is more familiar with American culture and food options.

How? Be bold and ask people if they have any recommendations for a particular kind of food. For instance, “Where’s a good place to get pizza around here?” And whenever you’re unsure what a particular dish or cuisine is like, ask someone else what it is. You can always casually invite them to join you to try it sometime – sharing a meal is a great way to make new friendships.

4. Explore and Try Something New

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Why? Walking around your new city is a fun way to learn more about America. Plus, a break from studying sounds pretty good, right?  You can even invite some people from school to join you. That way, you get to explore together and maybe even share different dishes to sample even more things.

How? Pick a neighborhood and a day. Then head over and see what you can find! You can make a checklist of things to do or try, or you can just see where the day takes you. Instead of just walking by that coffee place or sandwich shop, why not go in? You might find a fun and delicious new place to study or hangout with friends.

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