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How to Decorate your Dorm Room so it Feels Like Home

FIU dorm room
Dorm rooms, like 8am lectures, can be boring. 

Good thing it’s easy to give your dorm room an interesting, happy vibe. Find some decoration inspiration thanks to other students at Because your dorm room can still like home, even if your family is thousands of miles away.  


Bring decorations from home 


They’re a great way to remind you of your home country. Plus, decorations from home are great conversation starters for people who visit your room. For instance, flags, paintings, local art, posters, maps or even a rug with a cool pattern. 


Put up pictures of family, friends and favorite places

a picture of a dorm room with pictures hanging on the wall 


Have a goodbye party before you leave for school and ask everyone to take photos using disposable camera. You’ll have fun being surprised when you develop the film. And take some photos of your favorite places as a way to enjoy your home country. You can also ask loved ones to send photos during the school year. Have a shoebox and a few dollars? Make a cool photo projector using your phone! 


Make a wall collage of your US adventures 


Get out there and explore! Make new friends, find cool places and capture these moments with your phone or camera. Set a goal of adding at least one new photo every week or month. Bonus: Invite classmates, neighbors and people you meet in orientation to join you on a photo taking tour.  


Remember your bed isn’t just for sleeping 

a student sitting on her bed on her laptop 


Like other college students, you probably love sleeping. So comfort is important when choosing your comforter, sheets and pillows. Just remember that they can add personality to your dorm room too. After all, it’s not like your room has a lot of room for other furniture  


Think bright and festive 

a student sitting on her bed with lights all around 


Light is a fun and affordable way to add happiness to your dorm room. For instance, if you hang photos from clotheslines, add some Christmas lights too. Or bring a fun lamp from home or put electric tealight candles in cool jars. Remember: no actual candles. Accidentally starting a fire isn’t a great way to “decorate” your room. 


Get some plants (no, really) 

a picture of decorations 


You won’t have the space for a Japanese garden, but a few potted plants add life and fresh air to your room. If you’re not used to having plants, choose ones likebamboo or succulents because they’re easy to care for. You can also ask the workers at any plant store for advice on what to get. 


Get a corkboard 

a picture of a bed and a desk 

Corkboards are kind of like Pinterest. But, you know, in real life. They’re great for pinning little decorations, important notes for class and photos. You can even decorate your board with washi tape as a cool bonus.  


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