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Guest Post: Ky Nguyen, Global First Year student

FIU Global student posing in front of R.M. Drake quote

During the month of February, we are doing something new here on the blog! We have invited our students to “guest post” and share their favorite FIU/Global First Year memories. Our third guest post is written by Ky Nguyen, one of our students from Vietnam.

“Being in Miami for 4 months, I had a few chances to explore the city. Out of all the places I have been to, the one that I liked the most is the Wynwood Art District. I had so much fun there with my friends and the staff. The walls were beautifully painted, and some even have really deep meanings to them, which can be considered as a new experience to me. We were fooling around a lot and taking lots of photos! I remember most of the pictures that I took were ones where we were making funny faces, and looking back makes me like them even more. I think the reason why I like this place is not only because it is different and beautiful, but also because of the memories that I created here with the people I was with. The people you are with contribute a lot to your preference of a place since when you think back, usually the memories spent with them are the ones that pop up in your mind. At the end of the visit we even had the chance to taste the Mexican’s cuisine which was pretty awesome! At the restaurant, we not only devoured the dishes, but also talked and teased one another. Overall, this place has left a huge impression on me, not only because it is Wynwood, but also because of the memories I created with people here.”

Global First Year Students smiling together

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Global First Year students smiling in front of a wall


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