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Guest Post: Bhumi Patel, Global First Year Student

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During the month of February, we are doing something new here on the blog! We have invited our students to “guest post” and share their favorite FIU/Global First Year memories. Our fourth and last guest post is written by Bhumi Patel, one of our students from India.

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Before arriving in the United States, I was excited for October – as I wanted to experience the Halloween festival celebrated here! And as I took admission to Global First Year at FIU, I finally got that chance! All the international students here at Global First Year were taken to the horror house to have fun and go through the American Halloween experience!

House of horror sign

When we reached the House of Horror, the lights were so bright and the atmosphere so adventurous that I got extremely excited to get inside! First, my friends and I went to a ride and then to a scary roller coaster ride which takes you upside down and rotates in circles, making you dizzy at the end of the ride. Many of my friends got dizzy after that ride! The next target was the haunted house and we went there. It was dark inside and before that we had to go through a long way of fencing rows and past the ghost girl who asks for tickets. Later, inside was full of skeletons, scary music and different horror themes from all the movies I have only watched on TV until now and many zombies too! After that, we had Greek food in American style which was so tasty! There were more than 10 rides and I sat in all of them and enjoyed the whole evening a lot.

A picture of a food stand

It was really a new and great experience for me. And when I uploaded pictures from this night on my Facebook page, I got more than 100 likes for the first time, so I think my friends at home in my country, India, are also dying to come here for Halloween!

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