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Global FIU’s Career Accelerator Program


 Aisha Maikudi, Global First Year student from Nigeria, shares her experience in the Career Accelerator and how it has helped her gain confidence and land experiences to put on her resume!

Aisha Maikudi smiling

“Hello everyone! My name is Aisha Maikudi and I am in the Global First Year program. This is my second semester here at FIU and I work at the library as a Student Assistant. Well, before I started working at the library, I had never really had an official job, so I joined the Career Accelerator and to be honest… at first I was a little reluctant in joining! But now, I realise it was one of the best decisions I made.

The Career Accelerator guided me towards the directions and steps I will need in getting a job which gave me the confidence and resources I needed. It also helped me greatly in finding myself and utilizing my potential to the fullest especially the activities on discovering and building my strengths. One of the most important things I learnt from the program is that we never stop growing and we can always be better than our current selves through some exercises that helps us strengthen our signature strengths and build our lesser strengths.

One of the moments that really helped me in realising the benefits of the Career Accelerator was on the day of my interview for my library job. I was super nervous, but I remembered an activity that my advisor, John Swartz, taught us where he made us all think of stressful events or things that makes us uncomfortable and after that he made us think of happy thoughts and focus mainly on things, people or whatever makes us feel good. Knowing how to control my nervous feelings relaxed me and helped me focus on positive emotions. I used this technique on the day of my interview and it went perfectly and I will say since then my confidence has greatly improved – so much better that I was bold enough to not only join the FIU National Organization for Women but to also run for Event Coordinator and actually win (ahhhhhhh!!!!) I owe all this success to the Career Accelerator for not only helping me in finding my strengths and building my confidence but in also showing me that having optimism, persevering through tough times and having a high level of enthusiasm and energy can be just as important as your work experience!”

For more information on the Career Accelerator, visit our website or contact John Swartz.

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