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Global FIU student Nicole Navarroa Studies Abroad


Nicole is our first Global FIU student to study abroad! While all of our students are technically “studying abroad,” it is especially exciting to see one of our students immerse themselves in ANOTHER global learning experience!

Nicole smiling in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Originally from Mexico, Nicole has also lived in Canada and now the United States. She was in Italy this summer taking an FIU course on Italian geography and history. The course specifically focused on culinary and historical aspects of Italian culture and led the group of 20 FIU students around the country with stops in Genoa, Rome, Florence, and Pisa.

Nicole quickly bonded with her fellow FIU travel buddies/classmates and is looking forward to having them all back on campus with her this upcoming fall semester.

Nicole smiling in front of the Colosseum

What was your overall impression of Italy in comparison to the other countries you’ve lived in?

NN: “The food, history, and general looks of all these places are very different, but experiencing the diversity of each of these places only makes me want to travel more.”

What made you decide to study abroad?

NN: “I decided to do this program because I wanted to take my education outside of the traditional classroom setting and get to work on my language skills and pronunciation in daily life.”

Nicole smiling by the Trevino Fountain

How is your Italian now?

NN: “Pretty good! I have to admit, I had a leg up since it is very similar to Spanish. I did get the hands on experience I was looking for, as we had plenty of opportunities to interact with locals on our trip.”

What was your favorite place you visited?

NN: “Rome and Florence, I learned so much in each of these places about the Italian people and culture.”

What did you think of the food?

NN: “My favorite food I ate there was the pesto, but I was adventurous and tried some new things I don’t usually eat like squid and octopus. I even tried horse in Verona, it was surprisingly delicious!”

Nicole smiling at the Colosseum

Nicole is now creating a portfolio to showcase her adventure across Italy and is even looking to participate in another FIU study aboard program in the future!

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