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Say hi to Roary the Panther, your FIU mascot!

FIU mascot, Roary the Panther

For some students, showing school pride means going to a football game, buying a shirt or joining a club. For a select and sweaty few, school pride means wearing a giant costume. If you’re new to the idea of a school mascot, here’s everything you need to know about these lovable symbols of school spirit!

What are school mascots?

Roary the FIU Mascot

School mascots are one of the ways to bring good luck and raise school spirit, especially at sporting events. They’re often an animal or other character that represents good qualities about the school, its sports team and students as a whole. Many mascots are based on local history or an animal native to the school’s area.

Who is the FIU mascot?



Go to a Golden Panthers football game or women’s Golden Panthers basketball game and you’ll find Roary the Panther there. Roary was “born” in 1987. While you won’t find many panthers wandering around Miami, the Florida panther is a brave and strong cat with great jumping ability.

What a perfect way to inspire the team to leap high and grab victory.

What do school mascots do?

A GIF of a Mascot Fail

Mascots dance, hand out prizes, do fun or silly tricks – whatever it takes to get the crowd excited. Because it’s hard to yell in the costume, mascots often use exaggerated gestures to communicate. And while mascots can’t do intricate dance moves, you might be surprised to see how much fun Roary can have. So be sure to cheer extra loudly for some good motivation.

Who else helps cheer on the team?

a GIF of Taylor Swift as a Cheerleader

In addition to mascots, you’ll often find cheerleaders, skilled dancers who perform acrobatics, getting fans cheering for the home team. And don’t forget the marching band – these talented musicians will play songs to raise your spirits. Together, mascots, cheerleaders and the marching band are a big part of the college sports experience. So cheer for Roary, and show your school pride!

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