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Choosing Global First Year program – G1Y Student Voice


I am a Global Leaders Outreach Workgroup Representative for Spring 2018.

I organized a Russian lunch in the Global office on June 11, 2018. For all Global students who don’t know Russian cuisine, it was a lunch with all traditional and homemade food in the Global office, which is always open for us when we are hungry.

Global students, which include people from such countries as Brazil, Morocco, Venezuela, Turkey, Oman, UAE, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, and more had a good time learning about Russian culture. The Global program provided opportunities for us to enjoy each other’s food, traditions, and mentality. People with different backgrounds, languages, traditions, and taste in food had a chance to try other cultures’ food and compare, like, dislike, and enjoy.

My biggest event was camping. The Global First Year camping trip was held on the 13th and 14th of July in Orlando, where the Global office did this very specific trip for the first time ever. The camping trip was set to be a recreational trip for us before we start our finals, and it actually helped us to focus. It consisted of a few activities that were fun and unique, starting with kayaking and canoeing; I tried it once before but it wasn’t as fun for me then as it was with my friends! Then there came basketball, volleyball, and football, which was a physical activity and something that we lack because we study all the time. Global made sure to feed us by making a delicious BBQ and set a big bonfire to gather around later that night, where we could have marshmallows and go sleep after a long day.

Guest written by Freshman G1Y Student


Digital Communication and Media major from Kazakhstan

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