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First Career Accelerator Student Matched with an Internship


Former Global First Year student, Ky Nguyen from Vietnam, is the first Career Accelerator student at FIU to be matched with an internship! Next summer, Ky will be living and working in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, as a marketing intern for backpack manufacturer, GORUCK. She will be earning academic credit as she gains first hand marketing experience alongside other interns.

Ky Nguyen smiling on a beach

Career Accelerator advisor at Global FIU, John Swartz, who works closely with companies to match Career Accelerator students with their internship needs, identified this unique opportunity with GORUCK and immediately thought of Ky as a great fit for the positon because of her academic standing and interest in marketing. He also notes that being international students gives many of our students a leg up on the competition.

“The company liked the idea of an international student working with them because they want to expand globally, so that was a huge selling point for Ky,” said Swartz.

Ky Nguyen smiling with other GORUCK employees

After identifying this opportunity, John sent along the internship description to Ky, who then started doing her research on the company and got very excited about applying.

“Through my research, I realized the company culture is very open and unique, and the people that work there are very passionate about their jobs. My major is international business and I am always intrigued by the idea of developing strategies to sell or promote products, therefore the marketing department is one of my interested areas, which is also the area of this internship,” said Ky.

Once Ky was excited about the job, John worked with her to formally apply to the internship and set up an interview via Skype. John worked with Ky to prep her for the interview, which Ky found very helpful and crucial to her securing the internship. After Ky accepted the offer, GORUCK placed her with a mentor at the company in the marketing department. She will be connecting with her mentor once a month leading up to the start of her internship to help prepare her with the proper skills she will need to be successful next summer.

John and Ky even traveled to Jacksonville together recently to visit the GORUCK office. They were introduced to the team there and met with the people Ky will be working closely with. Meetings such as these are also important to John, as the Career Accelerator advisor he is looking to set up long term relationships with companies, so they continue to look to Global FIU to provide students for internships.

John and Ky smiling on the beach

“Overall, the experience is quite remarkable and I hope through the mentorship and internship I can learn more about the marketing field, improve my skill sets as well as know what is it like to perform in a workplace,” said Ky.

John and Ky sitting at a table

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