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Bookmark This Now: 12 Helpful FIU Links You Need

First Year Experience

The beautiful Florida International University campus has a lot to offer. You know, in addition to that cute person in your English literature lecture.

While we don’t have links to help with flirting, here are twelve official FIU resources worth bookmarking. They’ll help you make the most of getting around campus, studying and finding cool stuff to do. 

    Getting around campus 

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Campus map 

Look up specific buildings, get directions or even find the bike rack closest to your classes.

Did you know? You can also use the map to find interesting art and sculptures on campus.


Shuttle buses

There are a variety of shuttles, including many free ones, to take you around campus and even between campuses.


Did you know? You can even track where your bus is right now, using PantherTrack.


Panther Safety Tram 

To help you feel safe, you can request an escort on the MMC and BBC campuses.


Did you know? You can check when the escort program is available each evening by visiting the link above.


Bike Shop 

This is where you can have your bike repaired, attend free classes to learn about bike repair and maintenance and more.


Did you know? As an FIU student, you can get a free bike safety check at the Bike Shop!  



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Check when libraries are open, search the book catalog and request materials from other libraries.


Did you know? Text “HOURS” to 305-240-6585 and they’ll send you the libraries’ hours right to your mobile phone. 


Studying spaces

The MMC campus library has plenty of study space with 8 library floors, while the BBC campus has lots of study space too on 3 floors.


Did you know? You can reserve a study room to make things easier for group projects, study groups and more.


University Learning Center 

You can find a variety of workshops, online tutoring options and more at the FIU University Learning Center.

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Did you know? The University Learning Center has flexible office hours, and is even open during evenings.


Course catalog 

Browse or search available classes to help plan your schedule and find the right courses for you.


Did you know? FIU offers more than 200 different bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.


Having fun on campus 

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International Student Services

International Student Services offers a variety of programs, events and activities that encourage sharing and appreciation of different cultures.


Did you know? You can also join the International Student Club at FIU to meet other international students and attend fun events.


Events calendar 

Never miss a fun concert, thrilling Panther’s game or interesting seminar.


Did you know? You can search by event category or by date. The calendar makes it easy to find cool stuff happening around campus. 



There are hundreds you can join, from multicultural associations to academic groups to sports clubs.


Did you know? You can start your own organization by applying with the Council for Student Organizations.


Dining options 

Hungry? Learn about your dining plan options, look up when different dining locations are open and more.

Did you know? You can sign up for dining deals, promotions and news that go right to your inbox.



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For more information on how to apply to the Global First Year program at FIU, visit us here. 

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