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Want to Save Money? Shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

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American Thanksgiving is a holiday for being grateful for family, friends and other good things in your life. While a new laptop, holiday gifts or other purchases can’t compare to loved ones, Thanksgiving also means it’s almost time for big holiday sales across the USA. There are two shopping days to focus on: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

About Black Friday

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Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and is the most popular shopping day of the year. The name might sound a little scary, but don’t worry. It’s based on an accounting term: because the day is so popular for shopping, it helps stores make a profit for the year, which is called “being in the black” (while being in debt is called “being in the red”). And people all over the country wake up early on Black Friday (or even stay up late on Thanksgiving night) because they can save a lot of money on everything from electronics to clothes to jewelry.

You can often find out a week or so in advance what things will be on sale at specific stores. Of course, there isn’t an unlimited supply of $200 laptops, $300 televisions or other goodies. People are willing to wait hours in line because each store can have only a small amount of these deeply discounted items. If you’re not one of the first people in the store when it opens, you might not get that “doorbuster” deal you wanted.


About Cyber Monday

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Missed out on that Black Friday deal, or headed home for the holiday? Luckily, there’s Cyber Monday too. As the name suggests, you can do all your sale shopping online the Monday after Thanksgiving. Why bother waking up at 2am after Thanksgiving when you can just shop from home while wearing your pajamas? Similar to the special, limited deals you’ll find in stores on Black Friday, websites have lots of sale items on Cyber Monday. It’s a great time to buy things for school or for holiday gifts.

Chances are, every e-commerce website you can think of has Cyber Monday deals. Looking for some discount Blu-Ray movies or a new external hard drive? Head to on Cyber Monday. Need that book everyone keeps talking about on campus? Check an online bookstore. Want to surprise your mom with something nice? Start clicking on the website of your choice!


Tips for smarter shopping

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Whether you’re most interested in Black Friday or Cyber Monday, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be safe: If you’re going to wait hours outside in the cold, dress in extra warm clothes.
  • Do research ahead of time: It helps to know when stores open, what deals they’ll have and what section you need to head to for that prized purchase.
  • Be wary of crowds: If you don’t like big crowds, skip Black Friday altogether and go with Cyber Monday instead. Stores get very crowded on Black Friday – there have even been riots and fights in stores!
  • Keep your happy holiday spirit: Even if you don’t get everything on your list, there will be other sales and chances to get the perfect gift for your cousin (or for yourself).
  • Shop with friends: For Black Friday, it’s more fun to wait in line with friends (and you can split up inside to better your chances of getting the stuff you all want). And on Cyber Monday, it’s nice to sit around together and chat while hunting down nice deals online.

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With two big days of discounts right after Thanksgiving, you can add “saved a lot of money” to your list of things you’re thankful for this year. Have a great Thanksgiving, and good luck finding those deals!


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