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A Classic Camp Experience – Lukas Calafell, Student Services Advisor


On a hot morning, students eagerly waited in front of Parkview hall with blankets, pillows, and bags in hand. Fellow staff members and I were taking them to a camp near Orlando, FL. I’m not sure if they knew what to expect from camp, but I think they at least planned to have a good time with their friends. I was familiar with these kinds of camps, ones with cabins and activities, although this particular site was one that I hadn’t been to before. The trip up to the site was pretty quiet as students caught up on sleep or watched “Dumb & Dumber.” (Yes, I picked that film for my own enjoyment, but it is a comedy classic!) When we got to the site the students were excited to see their cabins.

That day students were able to swim in the pool, kayak in the lake and play soccer and basketball. I enjoy Frisbee, so I introduced a few students to it. It’s easy to do when all you have to do is say, “Hey! Catch!” before throwing the Frisbee their way! Eventually, the other staff and I had to start getting the grill ready for dinner. I was a bit nervous because I’d never grilled before, but with some help, I kept the fire going and busted out some cheeseburgers! Looking back, the experience was nostalgic. Seeing hotdogs and cheeseburgers on the grill by the pool reminded me of past summers.

Finally, we gathered around a campfire and made S’mores! A student told me that this was something he’d seen in the movies and that he always wanted to try it. One by one, students roasted their marshmallows, stuck it on their Hershey’s chocolate, and topped it off with a graham cracker. That night, along with the sounds of nature, we also heard the “crunch” of delicious S’mores.

Guest Written by Lukas Calafell

Student Services Advisor

Global First Year, Florida International University

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