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35 Global First Year Students Progress

On November 29, Global First Year at FIU celebrated another progression of 35 students through the program and into their second year at Florida International University (FIU).

students holding their certificates of progression

Progressing students represented countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Sweden, Ukraine, China and more.

students smiling and standing in front of a "congratulations sign"

Public Speaking Professor, Nathan Kurland, addressed his students, wishing them the best of luck as they move forward with their journey at FIU. Students Miranda Gonzalez Lombardo from Venezuela and Mahmoud Algaznli from Saudi Arabia represented their classmates, reflecting on their first year together in the United States and the memories and bonds they’ve created.

Leanne Reiter saying goodbye

Leanne Reiter, an outgoing Global First Year Student Services Advisor who is moving to Chicago, said a tearful heartfelt goodbye to her students before she joined fellow advisors Victoria and Lukas, to present students with completion certificates.

two students holding their certificates of progression

A student service advisor smiling with a student

After the presentation of certificates and pins, students celebrated over dessert, with lots of pictures and hugs. After the winter break, these students will return to FIU as sophomores (second year students) and while they will no longer be part of the program, they will always be part of the Global FIU family.

3 students smiling

FIU spelt out with pins


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